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Megan Moroney Shares Snippet of Unreleased Track 'Indifferent'

March 27, 2024 3:16 pm GMT

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Just as we're coming up from the doozy that was her recently released '28th of June,' Megan Moroney is taking us on another rollercoaster with 'Indifferent.'

The artist recently teased the unreleased track on social media, posting a video of herself seated in a car and singing along to a recording of the breakup track.

"We wrote this song the same day we wrote '28th of June'," the 'Tennessee Orange' artist captioned the video on Instagram. "Emotions were all over the place"

From the brief snippet of the searing, rock-peppered anthem, one in which lyrics shift from near-obsession to downright disinterest, it sounds set to be the break up hit of the summer.

Lines like "I think I could wish you the best / The truth is I couldn't care less / How sweet it is to be so (so) / So indifferent" make for a biting track, but also the ultimate getting-over-you tune.

It is not yet known when 'Indifferent' will be released or if this string of singles could mean a new MeMo album is in our future. Only time will tell.

For the lyrics to 'Indifferent' so far, see below:

Throwback to how I used to
Care about where you went
Where you've been
Who you're with

Losing my patience
And checking locations
And rereading texts that you sent

I would cry
1 2 3, too many times
Just wasting my prime
on a guy who was more
wrong than right

Now I don't even know
What I'm missing
Don't care what it is
Or it isn't

Don't need your attention
Or your time
They say, "Did you hear...?"
I say, "No thanks, I'm fine."

I think I could wish you the best
The truth is I couldn't care less
How sweet it is to be so (so)
So indifferent


For more on Megan Moroney, see below:

Written by Alli Patton
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