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Jelly Roll Delivers Sunday Evening Performance at TidalWave Festival 2023

August 17, 2023 9:37 am GMT

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All photos by Devyn King

Jelly Roll brought his eclectic arsenal of hits to TidalWave Festival 2023, with the genre-blending maverick treating fans to an unforgettable part-concert, part-Revival on Sunday night.

Attendees had already been able to witness stellar performances from the likes of Megan Moroney and Lauren Watkins by the time Jelly Roll stormed onto the Atlantic City Beach stage, and the crowd's energy surged to match that of the Nashville hitmaker.

The name of Jelly Roll's 2023 tour, ‘Backroad Baptism’, feels like the perfect summation of what to expect at one of his shows. It's electrifying country music laced with soul-stirring themes of faith, with healthy doses of rap and rock mixed in for good measure.

Such a varied combination would come across as a dizzying mishmash if attempted by any other artist, but Jelly Roll springs across the TidalWave Festival main-stage with enough charisma and - crucially - authenticity to ensure we're right there with him for every song.

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Jelly's rendition of his first ever Country Radio No. 1, ‘Son Of A Sinner’, is deeply emotional and heartfelt. The fact that it has blossomed into one of his most recognisable anthems only accentuates the redemptive arc that he sings so movingly about in the ballad.

Need A Favor’, his second No. 1 at Country Radio, is decidedly more upbeat and instigates a newly refreshed wave of enthusiasm in the crowd, with Jelly Roll's powerful vocals on full display.

Thankfully, a number of other highlights from Jelly Roll's 2023 country debut, Whitsitt Chapel, found their way into his TidalWave Festival setlist, including ‘The Lost’ and ‘Halfway to Hell’. Both showcased his ability to spread his message of spirituality, while remaining relatable and never straying into holier-than-thou territory.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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