Hallmark's Five More Minutes: Moments Like These Film Still

Hallmark Releases ‘Five More Minutes: Moments Like These’ Based on Scotty McCreery's Hit Song

December 19, 2022 12:14 pm GMT
Last Edited June 4, 2023 9:25 pm GMT

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In case either CMA's Country Christmas TV special or Tanya Tucker's acting debut in A Nashville Country Christmas didn't put you in the festive mood, Hallmark's latest film might just do the trick.

Five More Minutes: Moments Like These is a classic, feel-good Christmas love story, best enjoyed with a warm cup of cocoa and a well-stocked box of tissues.

It's inspired by Scotty McCreery's moving 2018 hit, ‘Five More Minutes’, which revolves around the singer-songwriter's aching desire to have a little extra time to enjoy the key moments in life, before they pass us by.

McCreery's track takes us through a number of crucial points in his journey, from going on a first date, to playing his final football game, to gathering round the hospital bed with his family as his grandpa passed away.

It's a wistful, tear-jerking classic - and it's easy to see why ‘Five More Minutes’ has already become the muse for two movies.

In 2021, Hallmark produced Five More Minutes, a tale of a woman that discovers her grandpa's old journal, and subsequently takes a trip down memory lane and reflects on their time together.

The latest film to draw inspiration from McCreery's song, Five More Minutes: Moments Like These, looks set to become another Christmas family favourite.

It stars Ashley Williams, who appeared in How I Met Your Mother, alongside Lucas Bryant, Fred Henderson, Carey Feehan and more.

It's no secret Scotty McCreery is a huge fan of the holidays. The North Carolina native recently performed ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ on CMA Country Christmas, and is set to play as part of CMT's upcoming Campfire Sessions: Christmas Edition 2022, which airs on Wednesday, December 21.

Five More Minutes: Moments Like These premiered on Saturday, December 17, and is now available to watch on Hallmark.

For more on Scotty McCreery, see below:

Written by Maxim Mower
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