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Exclusive: Scotty McCreery Talks New Single, ‘Cab In A Solo’

August 21, 2023 3:34 pm GMT
Last Edited December 19, 2023 9:41 pm GMT

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Speaking to Holler, Scotty McCreery shed some light on the creative process behind his new single, ‘Cab In A Solo’.

The track is the first taste of new music we've been given since McCreery dropped the deluxe version of his acclaimed Same Truck album in 2022, which spawned fan-favourites such as ‘Damn Strait’, ‘It Matters to Her’, ‘You Time’ and ‘The Waiter’.

‘Cab In A Solo’ finds Scotty McCreery looking wistfully though a warm, sepia-tinged lens as he regales listeners with a traditional, alcohol-soaked tale of heartbreak.

The North Carolina native explained how he pinpointed a sound that was unquestionably retro-inspired, while still feeling perfectly suited to contemporary country radio, underlining, “I grew up on classic country and 90's country, and still listen to that music often today. I had some songwriter buddies up at my place in the North Carolina mountains, and we started writing this song with that feel in mind”.

Pivoting around a witty piece of wordplay (“Drinking cab in a solo/Solo in the cab of my truck”), Scotty McCreery finds himself in the same shoes as Rhett Akins on his 1995 hit, ‘That Ain't My Truck’.

Suspecting his relationship might be on the verge of collapse, he plans a grand gesture by driving up to his girlfriend's house with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and a box of chocolates, only to realise too late that she's already moved on with a new flame.

Scotty McCreery describes ‘Cab In A Solo’ to Holler as “a heartbreak story with a unique hook and a timeless feel”, and he'll undoubtedly be hoping it emulates the success of his most recent No. 1, ‘Damn Strait’. Like ‘Cab In A Solo’, ‘Damn Strait’ paid homage to 90's country through the framework of a broken relationship.

Despite the fact that ‘Cab In A Solo’ is a break-up anthem, it's laced with the sense of unabashed levity and light-heartedness that pervaded so much of that celebrated period of country music.

We therefore assumed ‘Cab In A Solo’ was a fun track to craft, which McCreery confirmed, emphasising that he “had a good time writing this one with Frank Rogers and Brent Anderson”.

Although an album is yet to be officially confirmed, the release of ‘Cab In A Solo’ suggests that Scotty McCreery is - excitingly - ushering in a brand new era of music.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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