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Exclusive: Charlie Worsham Talks Unreleased Luke Combs Collaborations, ‘Ever Mine’ and ‘Where The Water Meets The Sky’

September 12, 2023 10:20 am GMT
Last Edited December 19, 2023 7:37 pm GMT

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After dropping a soul-stirring new duet with Luke Combs, ‘How I Learned To Pray’, Charlie Worsham spoke to Holler about two unreleased songs the two artists have up their sleeve.

Back in 2020, Luke Combs shared an acoustic performance of a wistful, sinuous ballad entitled ‘Ever Mine’, which he penned alongside Worsham and Hailey Whitters.

Ever since the ‘Fast Car’ hitmaker teased it, fans have been clamouring for ‘Ever Mine’ to be given an official release. Many were disappointed not to see it included on either Growin’ Up or Gettin’ Old.

Can fans look forward to hearing an official studio version of ‘Ever Mine’ anytime soon? Charlie Worsham shed some light to Holler on what he expects will happen to the much-loved track.

“I wish I could give you a clearer answer, but if I've learned anything in my 17 years in Nashville, it’s not to ever count a song out. While I can’t speak to Luke’s plans for the song, and while I don’t currently anticipate recording the song for myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if the song appears on somebody’s record down the road. Great songs have a habit of finding a home for themselves, and I’m really proud of that one”.

Although the future of ‘Ever Mine’ is seemingly yet to be determined, it appears Charlie Worsham envisions another artist cutting the track as the most likely outcome.

This would be an interesting development, but it would certainly be a shame if Luke Combs never releases his own rendition onto streaming platforms, especially given how popular ‘Ever Mine’ is with the North Carolina native's loyal fanbase.

Excitingly, Charlie Worsham went on to reveal that during the 2020 writing session with Luke Combs and Hailey Whitters, in addition to ‘Ever Mine’, the trio also crafted a handful other tracks, including one called ‘Where The Water Meets The Sky’.

After paying tribute to the recent CMA Awards 2023 nominations earned by Hailey Whitters and Worsham himself, the Mississippi songsmith underlined how much he loves ‘Where The Water Meets The Sky’. Worsham emphasised that he is “proud of my pal Hailey Whitters (Hailey and I are CMA-nominee ‘Compadres’ this year!), who co-wrote [‘Ever Mine’] and a few others with me and Luke, including my personal favourite of ours, ‘Where The Water Meets The Sky’”.

Worsham confirmed that ‘Where The Water Meets The Sky’ “almost made it onto Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old”, so it seems like Luke Combs might be holding onto that one for himself, rather than looking to hand it over for another artist to record.

Given the intricacy and touching sincerity Charlie Worsham and Luke Combs infuse into their new duet, ‘How I Learned To Pray’, it's safe to say fans wouldn't complain if they decided to team up once again to record either ‘Ever Mine’ or ’Where The Water Meets The Sky’.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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