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Charles Wesley Godwin Releases Captivating Cover of Zach Bryan's ‘Crooked Teeth’

February 17, 2023 12:12 pm GMT
Last Edited November 20, 2023 12:08 pm GMT

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There have been a wealth of iconic country music duos over the years - from Johnny and June and Kenny and Dolly, to Willie and Waylon and Jackson and Buffett.

While Charles Wesley Godwin and Zach Bryan still have a way to go before they'll be considered part of that legendary echelon of partnerships, they're nonetheless quickly garnering a reputation as two of the most exciting artists in modern country.

The latest chapter in their illustrious partnership is Charles Wesley Godwin’s new cover of Zach Bryan's 2020 track, ‘Crooked Teeth’.

The recording appears on Wesley Godwin's new Live from the Church EP, which also includes revamped renditions of numerous tracks from the West Virginia crooner's 2021 album, How The Mighty Fall.

‘Crooked Teeth’ originally featured on Bryan's acclaimed 2020 project, Quiet, Heavy Dreams. It's a dark revenge ballad which showcases the storytelling magic that Bryan so often manages to capture, and Wesley Godwin's new live version amplifies the haunting nature of the song.

Charles Wesley Godwin, who recently made his Grand Ole Opry debut, has covered ‘Crooked Teeth’ in the past.

Last summer, the country-folk prodigy posted a video of him performing the moving song from his porch swing last summer.

In 2022, as well as touring together for much of the year, Bryan and Wesley Godwin joined forces for ‘Jamie’, a beautifully composed collaboration that shares the same ominous undertones of ‘Crooked Teeth’. ‘Jamie’ featured on Bryan's 2022 EP, Summertime Blues.

The duo then teamed up for a special live rendition of the track as part of Zach Bryan's Christmas Day live album, All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster (Live from Red Rocks).

Towards the end of the year, Bryan also recruited Charles Wesley Godwin to perform a series of songs for the latest instalment of his Belting Bronco video series.

With the West Virginia native paying tribute to Zach Bryan's lyricism on his new Live from the Church EP, fans will now be excitedly hoping that Bryan soon returns the favour.

Could Bryan release a Charles Wesley Godwin cover in the near future? We sure hope so.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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