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Charles Wesley Godwin Releases Cover of Chris Knight's ‘The Jealous Kind’

February 2, 2023 10:37 am GMT
Last Edited June 8, 2023 11:01 am GMT

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While he puts the finishes touches on his eagerly awaited third album, Charles Wesley Godwin is quenching fans’ thirst for new music by releasing a cover of Chris Knight's ‘The Jealous Kind’.

The new song was made available at midnight, with Charles having laid down the track at The Church in Pittsburgh during a recent recording session with his band, The Allegheny High.

‘The Jealous Kind’ is a romantic ballad with a classic country edge, detailing the story of a man racing home to be with his lover again because he fears her head has been turned.

En route, however, he notices “Blue lights in the mirror, blue lights in my way /
But still all I see is her pretty face
” as the police force him to pull over, presumably for speeding.

As the protagonist faces the prospect of jail, his thoughts are still filled with his beloved Maria “When they give me that one phone call, I know what it's gonna be / Maria will you wait one more day for me”.

The bittersweet ode will remind Charles’ fans of his bewitching collaboration with Zach Bryan, ‘Jamie’, which also involves a man being chased by the police as he heads towards his lover.

In a tragic twist, his lover has already passed, and he's simply on his way to visit her grave.

Fans were able to get a taste of what to expect from the West Virginia's previously uploaded acoustic cover of ‘The Jealous Kind’.

Charles uploaded a video of him performing the track almost exactly a year ago, and on the new studio recording he gives the song the same wistful and folk-inspired tint.

As he announced the new Chris Knight cover, Charles Wesley Godwin confirmed that he'd be releasing a flurry of other songs from the same recording session.

These will be compiled into his Live from the Church EP, which is see to be released on February 17.

However, the songsmith also underlined that these new tracks would not be on his upcoming third album.

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