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Are Brianna LaPaglia and Zach Bryan Starting a Podcast Together?

July 9, 2024 3:01 pm GMT

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Zach Bryan has been hinting, teasing and often outright announcing that his Quittin’ Time tour will be his last - and judging by the Instagram Story uploaded by Brianna LaPaglia, we think we might have an idea as to what he has planned if he does stop his live shows.

When Brianna LaPaglia, Zach Bryan's girlfriend of almost a year, decided to host an informal Q&A on her Instagram page, one fan asked, “Do you see yourself doing plan bri and bffs until you retire”, referencing Brianna's current two podcasts, Plan Bri with Grace O'Malley and BFFs with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy.

In response, Brianna excitingly shared that her and Zach have spoken about starting up their own channel once her deal with Barstool Sports - the platform on which both her Plan Bri and BFFs shows are hosted - has reached its conclusion, “My contracts up in like a year and a half...Zach and I wanna start a podcast together”.

<p>Brianna LaPaglia IG Story Screenshot</p>

She added the tantalising emoji of two eyes looking eagerly, and it's safe to say we'll be watching this space to see if a Brianna LaPaglia and Zach Bryan podcast does materialise. Given the duo's endearing chemistry and the warmth with which they always reference one another across socials, as well as the hilarious videos they often share together, we think a joint show between the two would be brilliant.

Zach has just released his fifth studio album, The Great American Bar Scene, with much of the record being inspired by his relationship with Brianna - most notably, fan-favourites such as ‘28’, which explores their joint delight after their dog, Boston, survived a worrying surgery, and the sweet, self-effacing ‘Funny Man’. On the latter, Zach croons, “Reckon God is a funny man / For puttin' beauty in these ugly hands”.

It remains to be seen whether Zach Bryan sticks to his declaration that his 2024 tour will indeed be his last, with his Spotify bio currently ending with the line, “He is currently on his last tour ever, the Quittin’ Time tour”. Ideally, Zach will continue performing and releasing music, all while co-hosting this new podcast with Brianna.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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