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The Best Luke Combs Songs

December 1, 2021 8:00 am GMT
Last Edited February 26, 2024 12:18 pm GMT

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Few conversations about authentic country music are had without mention of Luke Combs.

The singer-songwriter has a signature rasp and deep tenor that, when paired together, give country music fans that grit they’ve grown to love.

While Combs' voice has a signature, unmistakable sound, his discography boasts a roller coaster ride of break-ups, make-ups, falling in love and partying in between.

Combs’ signature style has been used to build a discography that can already be described as no less than legendary. Here is Holler's pick of the best Luke Combs songs.

Sony | 2019

Nothing Like You

An in-love Luke is a favorite version of the singer for many a fan.

'Nothing Like You' proves his songwriting prowess is not reserved only for break-ups and heartache, as he describes what it’s like loving someone from far away while he's out in the world chasing his dreams.

Sony | 2020

Cold As You

If there were ever a roadmap to how men survive break-ups, 'Cold As You' is it.

Though he starts out the song heading home from a hard day’s work, he quickly finds his way to the best place to nurse a broken heart - on an old barstool with a cold beer.

Sony / 2022

On The Other Line

It should be compulsory for every country artist to have at least one sun-soaked, Jimmy Buffett-esque track - and Luke Combs ticks this box with ‘On The Other Line’.

It follows in the same playful footsteps as Brad Paisley’s ‘I’m Gonna Miss Her’, as Luke apologetically informs his wife they’ll have to resume their argument another time.

Right now, he just has bigger fish to fry - quite literally - as he underlines in the song’s hilarious punchline, “Sorry honey, but I got to click over / I got a six pound largemouth on the other line”.

Sony / 2021

Doin' This

On Combs’ latest single, he asks what his life would look like if he weren’t the country superstar we know him as today.

The answer, unsurprisingly, is that it wouldn’t look much different. The stages and paychecks may be a little smaller, but the music would be just as good, and the drinks just as strong.

Even a cursory listen to Combs’ discography is proof that he was made for music, and on our playlists is exactly where he’s meant to be.

Sony / 2023

Love You Anyway

So far in his career, every single time Luke Combs has stepped up to the plate to write a love song, he’s struck it out of the park. ‘Beautiful Crazy’, ‘Better Together’ and ‘Forever After All’ have been unanimously championed as his trio of romantic ballads, with Luke even releasing a special three-song vinyl dedicated to them.

On ‘Love You Anyway’, Luke makes a strong case for extending this into a quartet. Accompanied by an irresistibly sinuous fiddl