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The Best Luke Bryan Songs

January 2, 2022 12:00 am GMT
Last Edited June 16, 2023 2:48 pm GMT

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Luke Bryan is a country music staple. Staking his claim on the scene before fans even realized he was there, he was writing hits for big-name artists such as Travis Tritt and Billy Currington before hitting the charts himself.

Since early in his career, he’s proven to be the guy to call for both a steamy ballad and a party starter - never letting fans down by providing songs that always hit the spot.

Now, we're delving into his spectacular catalogue to rank our favourite songs from the man himself.

Capitol Nashville | 2015

Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day

Bryan’s 2015 hit 'Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day' is a mid-tempo ode to the down-home crowd.

He keeps it simple, reminding listeners that that’s the way he likes it. “Breathin' in that dirty air / I'll be down here knee-deep in the Muckalee” he declares towards the end of the song, reminding everyone that the city life just doesn’t suit a guy like him.

Camo, a strong line and a good woman are all he needs to keep him happy.

Capitol Nashville | 2007

All My Friends Say

The debut single from Bryan’s first studio album, 'All My Friends Say' was an intro to the singer's heartbreak-party side.

Nothing drives a country singer into a drunken stupor like an ex showing up to the honky tonk with a new flame. In this fun tune, Bryan got so wasted, that it was up to his friends to remind him how the night played out.

Capitol Nashville | 2009

Rain Is A Good Thing

Bryan demonstrates his songwriting prowess on 'Rain Is A Good Thing', somehow starting with the weather before drawing a connection to a good time with his favorite girl.

“Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby get a little frisky,” the singer proclaims on the hook of the song. Any time bad weather ends with a good time, that’s certainly a good thing.

Capitol Nashville | 2019

Knockin' Boots

In 2019, Bryan shared another example of his ability to use southern imagery to call to mind unexpected themes.

'Knockin' Boots' starts out describing a truck, before somehow finding itself talking exactly about what the euphemism is suggesting.

It’s no wonder the song was a smash, its songwriting team included country music heavyweights Jon Nite and Hillary Lindsey.

Capitol Nashville | 2013

Drink A Beer

'Drink A Beer' takes listeners on an emotional journey, contrary to what the title may suggest.

The tune, written by award-winning songwriter Chris Stapleton, takes listeners on a journey through grief. To say goodbye to a friend who has passed on, Bryan sings about closing out the day by watching the sunset with a beer in hand.


Country Girl (Shake It For Me)

True to Bryan’s style, even when the party gets started he never forgets his southern down-home roots- and he doesn’t want the girls at the party to forget them either.

“Shake it for the catfish swimming down deep in the creek” he sings, ensuring this 2011 hit will get stuck in your head.

Capitol Nashville | 2009

Do I

There is a serious side to Luke Bryan, something he lays bare here in the lead single from Doin' My Thing.

Bryan gets vulnerable as he questions the viability of a love gone stale.

After reminiscing on the way their love began, he asks the hard questions as he wonders if the next best move is to walk away.

Capitol Nashville | 2009

Someone Else Calling You Baby

This deceivingly upbeat song is a cry out to the one who got away.

A perfect honky tonk singalong for sitting on a barstool nursing a broken heart, Bryan's simply trying to get over that special someone.

It begs the ever-important question of whether or not that ex really moved on.

Capitol Nashville | 2011

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

From Bryan’s third studio album Tailgates and Tanlines, 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' throws caution to the wind as the singer opts for a good time instead of a long time.

Instead of completely cutting ties with a love gone sour, Bryan follows a more immediately gratifying plan of action - “let’s lay down tonight, and kiss tomorrow goodbye”.

Capitol Nashville | 2011

Drunk On You

One of many No.1 hits for the singer, 'Drunk On You' is a summer anthem worthy of listening to all year round.

Bryan’s southern twang and bonfire imagery sounds exactly like the warm, buzzing feeling that inspired the song.

Though Bryan now has many hits that were written by others, this 2011-released song was his first single that he didn’t write himself.

Capitol Nashville | 2013

That's My Kinda Night

With 'That's My Kinda Night', Bryan proves that country going a little pop isn’t always a bad thing.

He even acknowledges his varied influences, mentioning both Conway Twitty and T-Pain in the second verse of the song.

Though the sound crosses genre lines, he keeps the lyrics country, mentioning jacked-up pickup trucks, cornrows and catfish dinners.

Capitol Nashville | 2013

Play It Again

'Play It Again' makes listeners want to do just that. The song-about-a-song blends the good feelings of both a budding romance and falling in love with a song on the radio - leaving listeners with no choice but to listen one more time.

Capitol Nashville | 2015

Strip It Down

Bryan explores the sexy side of country music on 'Strip It Down', hoping for a romantic night to reignite the flame with a longtime love.

In classic Bryan fashion, he hopes to discard pretence, distraction and clothes to get things back on track.

Capitol Nashville | 2013

Roller Coaster

Many of Bryan’s hits do a brilliant job of not only telling a story, but creating a scene that listeners feel they are walking into.

This is a perfect example. It’s hard not to imagine being right on that pier, smelling the ocean, as Bryan describes falling in love on a seaside roller coaster.

Capitol Nashville | 2011

I Don't Want This Night To End

It is no wonder at all that 'I Don’t Want This Night To End' landed on the No.1 spot on US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The catchy love - or lust - at first sight anthem is an easy mover and a sure-fire singalong anthem. By the end of it, you'll be doing both.

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Written by Holly G
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