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Travis Denning - Might As Well Be Me

Raw, classic country storytelling with a pinch of the hard stuff.

Travis Denning - Might As Well Be Me Album Cover
August 1, 2022 2:21 pm GMT

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Travis Denning’s new EP, Might As Well be Me, marks a moment of realisation. Denning has found that, artistically, he can be anyone he wants to be, and this confidence has bled into his latest project as the music takes on an unapologetically true form.

Denning’s 2021 collection, Dirt Road Down, only scratched the surface of his artistry. But this EP offers space for raw emotion as he tells the age-old classic country tales that reflect his own journey in life - from the romance of southern hospitality to the rock n’ roll punch that he never fails to produce.

The ‘ABBY’ singer is approaching a new stage in life as he prepares to turn 30 and become a husband. While recent successes have brought him unforgettable experiences, it’s these personal moments that have given him the substantial material for this project.

Such a theme was foreshadowed through the release of two singles, ‘Buy A Girl A Drink’ and ‘She’s on It’; their addition here giving the overall release some heartfelt density. ‘Don’t Give a Truck’, as whimsical as it may seem, actually has some true wisdom to uncover. While Denning might have some “Ole Miss girls in the back”, he’ll also “learn to talk to God”.

What will always be true of Denning is that he will always carry nostalgic sounds in his back pocket. This is especially proven with ‘The River Named Mississippi’; “Long as there’s cowboys in Texas / Tennessee bottles whiskey / I’m gonna love ya / Long as there’s a river named Mississippi” he sings, as that traditional country twang joyously rings.

With Might As Well Be Me, Travis Denning shows no fear or doubt in the vulnerability of these songs. He brings back the vibe of a classic vinyl record that warrants no skips or jumps; delivering raw, classic storytelling with a pinch of the hard stuff.


Travis Denning's EP, Might As Well Be Me, is released August 5th via Mercury Nashville / Universal Music Group.

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