Y'all Means All: The Best Country Pride Anthems

Featuring bangers from Brandy Clark, Adeem The Artist, Kacey Musgraves, Lavender Country, Chely Wright, Jaime Wyatt, Brothers Osborne and more

Holler Country Music

Featuring bangers from Brandy Clark, Adeem The Artist, Kacey Musgraves, Lavender Country, Chely Wright, Jaime Wyatt, Brothers Osborne and more

May 30, 2022 12:15 pm GMT
Last Edited July 3, 2023 1:55 pm GMT

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An ultimate collection of country hits to celebrate Pride Month 2022. Slay!

Check out the full track listing below:

  1. I.C.U.

    Adeem The Artist

  2. Dear Insecurity

    Brandy Clark & Brandi Carlile

  3. Ramblin' Soul

    Melissa Carper

  4. If She Ever Leaves Me

    The Highwomen

  5. Persephone

    Allison Russell

  6. No Mistakes

    Sarah Shook and the Disarmers

  7. Act Like You Don't

    Brooke Eden

  8. Loving Her

    Katie Pruitt

  9. Rattlesnake Girl

    Jaime Wyatt

  10. On The Fence

    Willi Carlisle

  11. Jackson

    Trixie Mattel and Orville Peck

  12. Sad in the Summer

    Diplo and Lily Rose

  13. Ride Me Cowboy

    Paisley Fields

  14. Breathe Out

    Roseanna Jones

  15. I'm Not For Everyone

    Brothers Osborne

  16. Remind Me Of You

    Lily Rose

  17. Boys

    Cameron Hawthorn

  18. Real Talk

    Angie K

  19. I Love Her So

    Roseanne Reid

  20. New Endings New Beginnings

    Bobby Dove

  21. Sour Apple


  22. Let It Be Me

    Joy Oladokun

  23. Nashville

    Little Bandit

  24. Going To Hell

    Adeem The Artist

  25. Girl Next Door

    Brandy Clark

  26. All She Knows Is Rain

    Cheley Tackett

  27. Single White Female

    Chely Wright

  28. Lay Down Girl

    Nora Kelly Band

  29. Cowboy Take Me Away

    Cameron Hawthorn

  30. Drag Queen

    Chris Housman

  31. The Fair and Dark Haired Lad

    Jaimee Harris

  32. Narcissus

    Lizzie No

  33. Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray

    k.d. Lang

  34. Forest

    Fancy Hagood

  35. Drag Queens in Limousines

    Mary Gauthier

  36. Come Out Singing

    Lavender Country

  37. Blue Ridge Mountain Boy

    Drew Beckham + The Boundary Boys

  38. Goodbye Honey, You Call That Gone

    Jake Blount

  39. 21 Summer

    Brothers Osborne

  40. Country Radio

    Indigo Girls

  41. Mama Don't Make Me Put On That Dress Again

    Trixie Mattel

  42. Hurt People (feat. Cam)

    Brandon Stansell

  43. Grinnin' in Your Face

    Amythyst Kiah

  44. Got No Choice

    Brooke Eden

  45. Cryin' These Cocksucking Tears

    Lavender Country

  46. Where The Lavender Grows

    Mya Byrne

  47. Guaranteed Broken Heart

    Karen & The Sorrows

  48. Drive

    Austin Lucas

  49. Legends Never Die

    Orville Peck and Shania Twain

  50. Follow Your Arrow

    Kacey Musgraves

  51. Y'all Means All

    Miranda Lambert

  52. All the Trouble

    Waylon Payne

  53. A Little Redemption

    Danni Nicholls

  54. Rodeo

    Lil Nas X and Cardi B

  55. Do Whatever The Heck You Want

    Rae Spoon

  56. New Kind Of Outlaw

    D'Orjay The Singing Shaman

  57. Esther, Ruth and Rahab

    Flamy Grant and Adeem The Artist

  58. Keeping The Light On

    Joy Oladokun

  59. Closer To Fine

    Indigo Girls

  60. Heavy Crown

    Trixie Mattel

  61. Wild Turkey

    Amythyst Kiah

  62. Stay Away From My Man

    Paisley Fields and Lavender Country

  63. Ragdoll

    Sam Williams

  64. Dark Side

    River Westin

  65. Old Fashioned Gal

    Melissa Carper

  66. Bigger Man

    Joy Oladokun and Maren Morris

  67. All Good Cowboys

    Mercy Bell

  68. First Time

    Becca Mancari

  69. What Mattered Most

    Ty Herndon

  70. All-American Boy

    Steve Grand

  71. The Way I Do

    Madeleine Kelson

  72. Christian Girlfriend

    Melissa Carper

  73. Bumper Stickers

    The Belle Curves

  74. Fools Rush In

    Dale Hollow

  75. Limp Wrist & a Steady Hand

    My Gay Banjo

  76. Stranger

    Trixie Mattel and Lavender Country

  77. Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond Of Each Other

    Secret Emchy Society

  78. Kiss Me Cowboy

    Tommy Atkins

  79. Don't Touch Me

    Wilma Burgess

  80. You're Gonna Love Me

    Elias Krell

  81. Friends

    Cody Alan

  82. Burn This Statehouse Down

    Mya Byrne, Paisley Field, Kym Register, Swan Real, Chris Kelly, Sandy Loam, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Scott Wolfson and

  83. Pawnshop

    Kara Jackson

  84. The Guy After The Guy

    Hayden Joseph

  85. Quartz in the Valley

    H.C. McEntire

  86. Sure Feels Good Anyway

    Amy Ray

  87. Man Of Steel

    Brandon Stansell

  88. Ain't We Brothers

    Sam Gleaves

  89. Daddy's Little Heart Attack

    Jenny DeVries

  90. Fist City

    Shelly Fairchild and Shamir

  91. wander through


  92. Disco Cowboy

    Adam Mac

  93. Daytona Sound

    Orville Peck

  94. Whatever You're Up For

    The Kentucky Gentlemen

  95. Hard Life

    Aaron Lee Tasjan

  96. Clean Slate

    Amanda Munro

  97. Gender Binary (Fuck You)

    Ryan Cassata

  98. Green Eyes

    Hannah Juanita

  99. I Like Ya Like That

    Harper Grae

  100. Greasy Mabel

    Philipa Cookman

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Written by Jof Owen