The Best Country Songs About Nashville

The cream of the crop of songs about Music City, drawn from nearly a century of recording

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The cream of the crop of songs about Music City, drawn from nearly a century of recording

October 2, 2023 2:11 pm GMT

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Well, it stands to reason, doesn’t it? Throw thousands upon thousands of singers, songwriters and musicians into a medium sized city, leave them to their own devices and you know what they say - “write about what you know” …

So, here’s the cream of the crop of songs about Nashville, drawn from nearly a century of recording. There are hymns of praise, howls of disgust, funny songs, sad songs, happy songs, country traditionalists, scratchy blues, punk rockers, country rockers, rock rockers and even some Brits on the side in our Holler playlist of The Best Country Songs About Nashville.

There are tracks about the business, the Grand Ole Opry, about session musicians, friends, enemies and lovers, and the theme to a classic TV show recorded by a band named after Nashville’s telephone dialling code.

There are the usual suspects alongside Jon Langford from the Mekons and Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedys.

There’s old and there’s new but they all draw their inspiration from the town that Queen Victoria declared must be Music City* - Nashville, Tennessee.

See the full tracklist below.

  1. 1.

    Guitar Town

    Steve Earle

  2. 2.

    Nashville Without You

    Tim McGraw

  3. 3.

    Nashville Cats

    The Lovin' Spoonful

  4. 4.

    Wrong Side Of Memphis

    Trisha Yearwood

  5. 5.

    Fuck This Town

    Robbie Fulks

  6. 6.

    Sundown In Nashville

    Marty Stuart

  7. 7.

    Nashville Blues

    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

  8. 8.

    South Nashville Blues

    Steve Earle

  9. 9.

    Nashville Grey Skies

    The Shires

  10. 10.

    Nashville, Tennessee

    The Waterboys

  11. 11.

    Nashville Radio

    Jon Langford

  12. 12.

    Music City USA

    Charley Crockett

  13. 13.

    Stone Fix Chase

    Area Code 615

  14. 14.

    Nashville Parent


  15. 15.

    This Town Gets Around

    Margo Price

  16. 16.

    Music City Queen (feat. The B-52's)

    Miranda Lambert

  17. 17.

    Down On Music Row

    Dolly Parton

  18. 18.

    Ten Year Town

    Hailey Whitters

  19. 19.

    Music City's Killing Me

    Julie Roberts and Jamey Johnson

  20. 20.

    Murder On Music Row

    George Strait and Alan Jackson

  21. 21.

    16th Avenue

    Lacy J. Dalton

  22. 22.

    This Town Is Killing Me

    Caitlyn Smith

  23. 23.

    The Nashville Scene

    Hank Williams Jr.

  24. 24.


    Hank Williams III

  25. 25.


    Todd Snider

  26. 26.

    Nashville Jumps

    Cecil Grant

  27. 27.

    Out On The Natchez Trail

    Chuck Mead

  28. 28.

    Nashville, TN

    Chris Stapleton

  29. 29.

    Nashville Skyline Rag

    Bob Dylan

  30. 30.

    Nashville Rebel

    Waylon Jennings

  31. 31.

    Greetings From Nashville

    Jason and the Scorchers

  32. 32.

    Nashville Rush

    Dale Watson

  33. 33.

    West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown

    Jimmy Buffett

  34. 34.

    It Can't Be Nashville Every Night

    The Tragically Hip

  35. 35.

    Nashville West

    The Byrds

  36. 36.

    Davidson County Blues

    Deford Bailey

  37. 37.

    (They're Going To) Tear Down The Grand Ole Opry

    Tompall & The Glaser Brothers

  38. 38.

    The Grand Ole Opry (Ain't So Grand)

    Hank Williams III

  39. 39.

    Devil, Devil (Prelude: Princess of Darkness)

    Eric Church

  40. 40.

    Leaving Nashville

    Charles Kelley

  41. 41.

    Bachelorettes on Broadway

    Willie Jones

  42. 42.

    The Country Hall Of Fame

    Hank Locklin

  43. 43.

    Welcome to Nashville

    Halfway To Hazard

  44. 44.

    Woke Up In Nashville

    Seth Ennis

  45. 45.

    Visit Me In Music City

    Bobby Bare Jr.

  46. 46.


    Indigo Girls

  47. 47.


    Ben Rector

  48. 48.


    Gretchen Peters

  49. 49.

    Tennessee Line


  50. 50.


    Bonnie Montgomery

  51. 51.


    Little Bandit

  52. 52.

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Frank Turner

  53. 53.

    Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down

    Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon

  54. 54.

    Strings Of Nashville


  55. 55.



  56. 56.

    Nashville CA/L.A. Tennessee

    Tim McGraw and Lori McKenna

  57. 57.

    Nashville Record Co.

    The Nude Party

  58. 58.

    Nashville Crazy

    Chase Matthew

  59. 59.


    Liz Phair

  60. 60.


    Nora Jane Struthers

  61. 61.

    Broadway Girls (feat. Morgan Wallen)

    Lil Durk

  62. 62.

    Nashville To Kentucky

    My Morning Jacket

  63. 63.

    Crazy Town

    Jason Alden

  64. 64.

    Nashville Wimmin

    Waylon Jennings

  65. 65.

    I Love This Town

    Bon Jovi

  66. 66.

    Old Nashville Cowboy

    Jerry Jeff Walker

  67. 67.

    Never Goin' Back (To Nashville Anymore)

    John Stewart

  68. 68.

    Nashville Women's Blues

    Bessie Smith

  69. 69.

    Nashville Here We Come

    Jimmy Buffett

  70. 70.

    Circles Around This Town

    Maren Morris

  71. 71.

    Nashville 1972

    Rodney Crowell

  72. 72.

    Battle Of Nashville

    Johnny Cash

  73. 73.

    Nashville Napkin

    Jonny Fritz

  74. 74.

    Nashville Dreams

    Dick Stusso

  75. 75.

    Nashville's Gone Hollywood

    Heather Myles

*Queen Victoria really did, entranced by the singing of Nashville’s Fisk Jubilee Singers when they visited London in 1873.

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Written by Mark Hagen
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