The Best Country Rap Songs

From Lil Nas X to Bubba Sparxxx, Holler picks out 100 of the best country rap songs in the ultimate party starting playlist.

Holler Country Music

From Lil Nas X to Bubba Sparxxx, Holler picks out 100 of the best country rap songs in the ultimate party starting playlist.

September 19, 2022 12:02 pm GMT
Last Edited August 22, 2023 3:43 pm GMT

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Country rap, Southern rap, outlaw rap, hick hop: whatever you call it, hip hop and country have been an unlikely pairing for the best part of 40 years and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

So if you like your twang with a little bang, here's Holler's playlist of the 100 of the best country rap songs ever!

See the full tracklist for Holler's Best Country Rap Songs Playlist below:

  1. 1.

    Old Town Road

    Lil Nas X

  2. 2.


    Florida Georgia Line

  3. 3.

    The Git Up

    Blanco Brown

  4. 4.

    Simple Man

    Kendall Tucker

  5. 5.

    Drinkin' Too Much

    Sam Hunt

  6. 6.


    Angaleena Presley

  7. 7.

    Slow Cookin'

    Willie Jones

  8. 8.

    Ghetto Cowboy

    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

  9. 9.

    Both Of Us

    B.o.B. And Taylor Swift

  10. 10.

    Accidental Racist

    Brad Paisley And LL Cool J

  11. 11.

    Shotgun Remix

    Sarah Ross And Colt Ford

  12. 12.

    What I Been On


  13. 13.

    The Champion

    Carrie Underwood And Ludacris

  14. 14.

    Family Don't Matter

    Young Thug And Mille Go Lightly

  15. 15.

    Till It's Gone


  16. 16.

    Workin' On

    Colt Ford

  17. 17.

    Po' Folks

    Nappy Roots And Anthony Hamilton

  18. 18.

    I Play Chicken With The Train

    Cowboy Troy And Big & Rich

  19. 19.

    California Country

    Moonshine Bandits

  20. 20.


    Adam Calhoun, Demun Jones And Upchurch

  21. 21.

    Over And Over

    Nelly And Tim McGraw

  22. 22.

    Kickin Up Mud

    The Lacs

  23. 23.


    Nappy Roots And Jazze Pha

  24. 24.

    Chillin In The Backwoods

    Jawga Boyz

  25. 25.

    Dirt Road Anthem

    Jason Aldean

  26. 26.

    Field Party

    The Lacs And JJ Lawhorn

  27. 27.

    Country Rap (Feat. H.A.W.K. & Big Pokey)

    Tow Down

  28. 28.

    Love The Heartless

    Jelly Roll

  29. 29.

    Love Won

    Struggle Jennings, Jelly Roll And Shooter Jennings

  30. 30.

    Roots Run Deep


  31. 31.

    Quit Hatin' The South

    UGK, Charlie Wilson And Willie D

  32. 32.

    Dirt Road Anthem

    Colt Ford And Brantley Gilbert

  33. 33.

    Belts To Match

    UGK, Smitty And SONJI

  34. 34.

    Wild Wild West

    Will Smith, Dru Hill And Kool Moe Dee

  35. 35.


    Bubba Sparxxx

  36. 36.

    Country Sh*t (Remix)

    Big K.R.I.T., Ludacris And Bun B

  37. 37.

    Country Rap

    The Bellamy Brothers

  38. 38.

    Back (With Jake Owen)

    Colt Ford

  39. 39.


    Snoop Dogg And Willie Nelson

  40. 40.

    Burning Bridges

    Ludacris And Jason Aldean

  41. 41.

    I Wanna Talk About Me

    Toby Keith

  42. 42.

    Ridin High

    Jawga Boyz

  43. 43.

    Radio Jam


  44. 44.

    Son Of A Sinner

    Jelly Roll

  45. 45.

    Roll With Me

    I4NI, Bubba Sparxxx And Chris Hurt

  46. 46.


    Haystak And Brabo Gator

  47. 47.

    Too Drive To Drunk

    Charlie Bonnett III, Stump, Bubba Sparxxx And David Ray

  48. 48.

    Daisy Dukes And Cowboy Boots

    Cowboy Troy And Big & Rich

  49. 49.

    Keep It Redneck

    The Lacs

  50. 50.

    Way Of Life

    Cypress Spring, The Lacs And Danny Boone

  51. 51.


    Kid Rock

  52. 52.

    For The Outlawz

    Moonshine Bandits, Colt Ford And Big B

  53. 53.


    Lenny Cooper, Moonshine Bandits And Young Gunner

  54. 54.


    Lil Nas X And Cardi B

  55. 55.


    Bubba Sparxxx

  56. 56.

    Outlaw Shit

    Struggle Jennings, Waylon Jennings And Yelawolf

  57. 57.

    Front Porch Life

    Big PO, Justin Brodnax And Jay Berry

  58. 58.

    Bartender (Sittin' At A Bar)

    Rehab And Hank Williams Jr.

  59. 59.

    The Bottom

    Sonny Bama And Ryan Balthrop

  60. 60.

    Campfire Cologne

    Demun Jones And Ryan Upchurch

  61. 61.

    Country Folks

    Bubba Sparxxx, Coltf Ford And Danny Boone

  62. 62.

    Dive Bar Beauty Queen

    Moonshine Bandits, Danny Boone And Pruno

  63. 63.

    Camo Bikini

    Danny Boone

  64. 64.

    Dirt Road

    Kidd G And Breland

  65. 65.

    How We Roll (With The Lacs, Moonshine Bandits, Redneck Souljers, Bubba Sparxxx, Demun Jones And J Rosevelt)


  66. 66.

    Hick Chick

    Cowboy Troy

  67. 67.

    Take A Bullet

    Alexander King

  68. 68.

    Workin' (Feat. Alexander King)


  69. 69.

    Good Riddance

    Levi Hummon, Filmore And YA'BOYZ

  70. 70.

    Get Low, Get High (Part 2)

    Willie Jones, Jon Batiste And Michael Todd

  71. 71.

    Short Hills Road

    Skrizzly Adams

  72. 72.

    High Horse

    Nelly, Breland And Blanco Brown

  73. 73.

    Broadway Girls (Feat. Morgan Wallen)

    Lil Durk

  74. 74.

    Country Boy Do

    Nelly And Tyler Hubbard

  75. 75.

    YA'BOYZ (With High Valley, Filmore, Levi Hummon, Jojo Mason And Kyle Clark)


  76. 76.

    Still My Hero

    Brabo Gator And Jelly Roll

  77. 77.

    Country Folks (Remix) (With Colt Ford, JJ Lawhorn And I4NI

    Bubba Sparxxx

  78. 78.

    Rock The Boat

    Big & Rich And Cowboy Troy

  79. 79.

    What Do Ya Call That (With Bubba Sparxxx And I4NI)

    Lenny Cooper

  80. 80.

    All By Myself


  81. 81.

    What's Happenin (With David Ray, Jelly Roll And Brabo Gator)


  82. 82.

    If You Don't Wanna Love Me

    Cowboy Troy And Sarah Buxton

  83. 83.

    Mud Digger Mega Remix (With Colt Ford, Moonshine Bandits, Demun Jones, Moccasin Creek And Cap Bailey)

    Lenny Cooper

  84. 84.

    Outback (Extended Remix) (With Durwood Black, D Thrash, Moccasin Creek, Lenny Cooper, The Lacs, Demun Jones, Bubba Sparxxx And Redneck Souljers)

    Moonshine Bandits

  85. 85.

    Dirty Side

    Colt Ford And Walker Hayes

  86. 86.

    Where I Come From Remix

    Montgomery Gentry, Colt Ford And The Lacs

  87. 87.

    Here Kitty Kitty

    Twang And Round

  88. 88.

    Dixieland Delight

    Dee Jay Silver, Alabama And Nappy Roots

  89. 89.

    Jacked Up

    Charlie Farley, Bubba Sparxxx And Colt Ford

  90. 90.

    Girl Ridin' Shotgun

    Joe Diffie

  91. 91.


    John Anderson And Colt Ford

  92. 92.


    Jelly Roll And Struggle Jennings

  93. 93.

    Rippin It Up (With Bubba Sparxxx, Boondock Kingz, Porch Matthews And Jawga Boyz)

    Jawga Sparxxx

  94. 94.


    Charlie Farley And The Lacs

  95. 95.

    This Down Here

    Lil Wyte, Jelly Roll And Colt Ford

  96. 96.

    Prolly Right

    Bubba Sparxxx And I4NI

  97. 97.

    Ride With Me

    Stump, Lil Backy And David Wade

  98. 98.

    Country Made

    Lenny Cooper, Young Gunner And J Rosevelt

  99. 99.

    My Last Yeehaw

    Cowboy Troy And Big & Rich

  100. 100.

    Rolex On A Redneck

    Brantley Gilbert And Jason Aldean

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