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Lauren Watkins Teases Two New Songs, ‘Stuck In My Ways’ and ‘Jealous Of Jane’

March 27, 2023 1:33 pm GMT
Last Edited June 12, 2023 11:55 am GMT

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While fans continue to eagerly await her first official release, Big Loud prodigy Lauren Watkins has shared two new song snippets, ‘Stuck In My Ways’ and ‘Jealous Of Jane’.

The clips were recorded during a recent writers’ round, with Watkins’ sinuous vocals being cushioned by nothing more than a couple of guitars and the smiling audience in the background.

Both of the new songs offer snapshots of a post-break-up mindset, with Watkins playfully brushing off any suggestion that she's still harbouring feelings for her ex.

On ‘Stuck In My Ways’, she celebrates the fact that she's still doing everything exactly as she always has, and that - most importantly - she “ain't sittin’ round hoping you'll come back someday”.

It's a driving, uptempo track that fans will be hoping makes its way onto the tracklist of Lauren Watkins’ debut project, alongside the accompanying ‘Jealous Of Jane’.

@laur.watkins One of my fav songs to play live right now🔥 “Jealous Of Jane” #country #music #fyp #foryou #original ♬ original sound - Lauren Watkins

‘Jealous Of Jane’ pivots around an earworm of a hook, during which Lauren Watkins curiously wonders why she envies her ex-boyfriend's new partner, despite having no desire to revive their relationship (“Why am I / Wishing my hair was a little bit blonder / Why am I / Wishing my legs were a little bit longer").

It's another fun, light-hearted track with an irresistible melody, and once again underlines why many across the genre are keeping a close watch on Lauren Watkin's ascent within the industry.

@hollercountry Heard of @laur.watkins? If you haven’t, you have now. She might not yet have a sprawling discography to her name, but she's quickly garnering a reputation for her impressive array of covers. 🌟 More about the rising star on #musicoftiktok #fyp #musictok #cover #Holler ♬ original sound - Holler
Written by Maxim Mower