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Larry Fleet - Earned It: New Album 2023 Release Date and Tracklist

July 28, 2023 2:38 pm GMT

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Release Date: September 1 2023

Title: Earned It


  1. Earned It
  2. Lucky Dog
  3. Ain't Mad at Jesus
  4. 25-8
  5. Things I Take For Granted
  6. Lord Willing
  7. Two Beer Plan
  8. Taking The Long Way
  9. Something He'd Say
  10. Beer Needs A Beer
  11. There's A Waylon
  12. Angels Were Gone
  13. Try Texas
  14. TN On You
  15. Muddy Water
  16. Devil Music
  17. Layaway
  18. Much To Talk About
  19. Grow
  20. Daddy Don't Drink
  21. Young Buck

Larry Fleet has revealed he has a new album arriving on September 1 2023, with the ‘Where I Find God’ hitmaker releasing four new tracks from the project to celebrate the announcement.

In tandem with the revelation that Earned It would be dropping later this year, Fleet made the title-track, ‘Lucky Dog’, ‘Ain't Mad At Jesus’ and ‘Much To Talk About’ available on July 28.

In addition to these four newbies, the Tennessee singer-songwriter's eagerly awaited Stack of Records follow-up project will feature a slew of previously released singles, including ‘Young Buck’, ‘Daddy Don't Drink’, ‘Layaway’ and ‘Try Texas’.

‘Muddy Water’, which featured on Fleet's 2022 live project and premiered on Holler last year, is another hotly anticipated track due to appear on Earned It, alongside an array of never-heard-before songs, such as ‘Devil Music’, ‘Grow’, ‘Beer Needs A Beer’ and ‘Lord Willing’.

On the basis of the four-track sampler and the titles of the remaining unreleased songs on Earned It, the project will seemingly once again showcase Larry Fleet's unique ability to package up stirring, faith-filled messaging into a classic country sound.

With the release date still a number of weeks away, we're feeling confident the soulful crooner will treat fans to another single or two before Earned It is out on September 1.

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