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Cody Jinks' Late August Records Partners With The Orchard

December 19, 2022 11:19 am GMT
Last Edited June 6, 2023 2:51 pm GMT

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Cody Jinks' label, Late August Records, has announced a new partnership with global distribution company, The Orchard. Both align in their commitment to helping artists on the fringes of country music.

Cody Jinks has carved out a path as one of the most successful independent artists in country music, having eschewed the traditional pathway towards the top of Nashville's charts.

Through this new collaboration, Jinks will continue to help others to progress as he did, despite not necessarily having the backing of mainstream industry heads.

As part of the announcement, Late August Records' first signing was also unveiled as Erin Viancourt. The Cleveland singer-songwriter is due to release her debut album in early 2023.

Brad Navin, The Orchard's CEO, underlined his excitement at the prospect of working with Cody and his team, “The artist always comes first at The Orchard. As a home for independent creators, we share a deep understanding with Cody about the need for bespoke campaigns tailored to the artist’s needs.

Our new partnership with Late August will provide artists with the tools and support to build, sustain and elevate their global reach”.

Jinks echoed Navin's sentiments, highlighting how Late August Records would continue to serve as a safe haven for artists, “The core of it all is about protecting the artist, making sure they own their music, copyrights, trademarks, image and likeness, and merchandise, along with educating the artist, while treating them like family”.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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