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Zach Bryan Performs New Unreleased Song, ‘Fine Dry’, During UK & Europe Tour

April 27, 2023 8:51 am GMT

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Zach Bryan may be in the middle of a jam-packed UK & European tour schedule, but - unsurprisingly - the prolific singer-songwriter has found time to craft another stellar track.

This week, the Oklahoma native shared a video of him performing a brand new song, ‘Fine Dry’, alongside his band-members. The clip appears to have been taken while Zach and his crew were backstage at Manchester Cathedral, ahead of their show later that evening.


I reckon in the presence got a better use

♬ Fine Dry - Zach Bryan

‘Fine Dry’ follows a protagonist that is navigating the new, clarifying territory of a life without alcohol, with Zach crooning wistfully about the realisations this sobriety is bringing.

He laces a combination of contentment and confusion into the lyrics, singing, “I’ve been pining and pining for sweet relief / The kind you can’t find in a woman or some cheap whiskey / And I just got to where I feel fine dry / And for the life of me, I don’t understand why”.

This latest teaser finds Zach testing out some new vocal flourishes and pushing the limits of his previous material, with the ‘Something in the Orange’ hitmaker gliding seamlessly into some haunting falsetto notes, something we've only seen from time to time on tracks such as ‘The Good I'll Do’ and ’Snow’.

Fans wasted no time in asking Zach Bryan to give ‘Fine Dry’ an official release, and we're certainly hoping he'll include it on his upcoming album, Writers and Fighters.

Interestingly, throughout Zach's UK & Europe tour so far, he's been regularly performing another unreleased fan-favourite, ‘Deep Satin’, which is also expected to appear on the new record.

@hollercountry @Zach Bryan strays from his usual setlist to play a fan fav ❤️ #liveconcert #zachbryan #countrymusic #musictok ♬ original sound - Holler

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