Zach Bryan carries girlfriend Deb Peifer in the snow

Zach Bryan Performs New Unreleased Song Alongside Girlfriend, Deb Peifer

March 22, 2023 5:38 pm GMT
Last Edited June 12, 2023 10:32 am GMT

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Although Zach Bryan's most celebrated work arguably pivots around heartbreak and loss, the Oklahoma native also has a welcome penchant for a good old country love-song.

The latest of these is ‘Fear and Fridays’, which Bryan recently teased across his socials. In the endearing clip, the singer-songwriter performs an acoustic rendition of the heartfelt ballad.

The song features one of Bryan's trademark harmonica instrumentals - however, as he outlines in the caption, his usual harmonica player was elsewhere when he decided to record the snippet.

Zach Bryan's girlfriend, Deb Peifer, promptly came to his rescue, and she can be seen holding up his harmonica for him to play every now and then throughout the heartwarming video.

On ‘Fear and Fridays’, Bryan vulnerably expresses his deep-seated anxiety about the prospect of the relationship one day coming to a close (“I got a fear, dear / That it's gonna end / Won't you get angry at me / Say you love me again”).

The emotional weight of the song is intensified by the fact that Bryan is singing directly to his girlfriend in the clip.

We're sure hoping he chooses to include ‘Fear and Fridays’ on his upcoming album, Writers and Fighters, along with other recently teased tracks, such as ‘East Side of Sorrow’, ‘177 Chrystie’ and ‘Tourniquet’.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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