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Tyler Childers Covers Willie Nelson During Spellbinding Set at Luck Reunion 2024

March 19, 2024 4:33 am GMT
Last Edited March 21, 2024 12:07 pm GMT

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Last year, every music festival seemed to have two names topping the bills of their lineups, and those were Zach Bryan and Tyler Childers.

This year is different; with each focusing on their own headline tours, festival appearances are few and far between for two of country's biggest ticket sellers. So, one of the few opportunities to see Childers at a festival this year was Luck Reunion.

Not only was the environment a treat, but the festival provided Childers with one of the most intimate crowds he will play to this year.

Childers’ set at Luck Reunion was bewitching. He is a master of the stage, trading between guitar, fiddle, and no instrument at all, all the while commanding the full, unwavering attention of the crowd.

Their focus was rewarded, with Childers delivering a 13-song set full of crowd-pleasers. With the way the crowd sang nearly every word, it was apparent he’d done a good job culling his current set-list to fit the time spot.

Through the course of Tyler’s hour-long set, he paid tribute to each of the records in his catalog. he dazzled the crowd with his fiddle work on ‘Cluck Ol Hen’ before ripping into his cover of ‘Time of the Preacher’ with The Food Stamps. Tyler has performed ‘Time of the Preacher’ before, but this tribute to Willie was especially meaningful in Luck, TX.

The Food Stamps featured a new keyboard player, Jimmy Rowland, who is replacing Chase Lewis, who recently announced he was taking some time off from the band. Despite the recent change, The Food Stamps were as tight of a band as they ever have been.

Tyler Childers - Setlist

Taken from Tyler's set at Luck Reunion in Luck, Texas on Thursday, March 14 2024.

  • Old Country Church
  • Cluck Ol Hen
  • Time of the Preacher (Willie Nelson Cover From 1975’s Red Headed Stranger)
  • Cluck Ol Hen (Reprise)
  • Whitehouse Road
  • Two Coats (with “Hare Krishna Mantra” intro)
  • Country Squire
  • Rustin’ in the Rain
  • All Your’n
  • Honky Tonk Flame
  • Way of Triune God
  • House Fire
  • Universal Sound

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Written by Laura Ord, Images by Laura Ord
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Tyler Childers by Emma Delevante

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