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The Pink Stones and Nikki Lane Share New Video for ‘Baby, I'm Still Right Here (With You)’

June 16, 2023 9:37 am GMT

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The Pink Stones and Nikki Lane have teamed up for a brand new song and accompanying video, ‘Baby, I'm Still Right Here (With You)’. The duet is set to feature on The Pink Stones’ upcoming album, You Know Who, which will be released on June 30.

The new track stays true to The Pink Stones’ much-loved alt-country sound, with both the song and the visuals serving as an irresistible, sepia-tinged homage to traditional country love-songs.

‘Baby, I'm Still Right Here (With You)’ pivots around a sweet, endearing romance between the two protagonists, with the friendship between The Pink Stones’ lead singer, Hunter Pinkston, and Nikki Lane radiating heartwarmingly through each lyric.

The video follows the two artists as they stroll calmly along the side of the road, having seemingly left a motel, before heading towards a classic car and filling it up with gas.

The Pink Stones’ music videos often feature a quirky twist or a light-hearted eccentricity, as was exemplified on the recently released ‘Who's Laughing Now?’, which will also appear on the new record.

In ‘Baby, I'm Still Right Here (With You)’, it appears the viewer is about to experience a fairly standard set of visuals from the Georgia band for a change. However, as the two characters sing the last lines of the uptempo track, the camera pans teasingly towards the front of the car, where smoke is billowing ominously up from under the hood.

Speaking ahead of the new song's release, Hunter Pinkston explained how the duet came about, “‘[Baby, I'm Still Right Here (With You)]’ was me trying to show the influence George and Tammy have had on me. I figured my friend Nikki would be the perfect Honky Tonk Queen to sing it with me. John Neff plays an excellent Dobro vs. Pedal Steel solo and the phasers are full blast. Naturally, I had to go back to East Nashville and shoot another video with the master, Joshua Shoemaker”.

The latest single to drop ahead of the new album, following ‘Who's Laughing Now?’ with Teddy & The Rough Riders and ‘Someone You Can't Move’, ‘Baby, I'm Still Right Here (With You)’ has ensured expectations remain high as fans keenly await the release of You Know Who.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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