Sierra Ferrell at Railbird Festival 2023 by Laura Ord

Sierra Ferrell Responds to Critics After Cancelling Live Shows for Mental Health Reasons

July 27, 2023 5:18 pm GMT
Last Edited December 19, 2023 10:15 pm GMT

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Following her decision to cancel six July tour-dates for mental health reasons, Sierra Ferrell has taken to social media to address those who have complained about the move.

Especially given the fact that artists’ mental wellbeing has become a more openly addressed topic in recent weeks, we'd have hoped Sierra's announcement earlier in the month would've been met with sympathy and understanding, rather than criticism, but it seems this has unfortunately not always been the case.

Addressing the cancellation, Sierra Ferrell explained, “Since I’m getting lash back about canceling shows, I’m gonna go ahead say some of what went on. I went through a pretty traumatic experience and had to go to a therapy camp to deal with it for a week. Also in doing so I got to deal with some childhood trauma”.

The ‘In Dreams’ singer-songwriter went on to underline, “I’m tired of entitlement from folks. I owe people nothing. I’m just existing and living my life, I’m a person too with my own shit you know. I’ll keep writing and singing. Thanks. Still love y’all”.

In the original announcement, Sierra emphasised her need to take some time out to recharge after a hectic period of touring, “We've been working really hard for you all, and have loved every minute of it, but I need to slow down for a bit. I know you're disappointed, and so am I, but I also know that some rest will do me good”.

It serves as another reminder that, despite fans’ idolisation and often objectification of artists, they are, as Sierra stressed, still regular human beings with everyday struggles, which are often exacerbated by the intense pressures of a touring musician's lifestyle.

Sierra Ferrell's statements follow a number of other high-profile tour cancellations and postponements as a result of mental health challenges, such as Lewis Capaldi, Arlo Parks and more.

Despite Sierra's reference to a backlash in her recent social media post, her loyal fanbase - of which Holler is a proud member - will no doubt be hoping the West Virginia native takes as long as she needs to recover and recuperate before hitting the stage again.

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Featured photo by Laura Ord

Written by Maxim Mower
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Sierra Ferrell at Railbird Festival 2023 by Laura Ord

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