DelFest 2023 - Sierra Ferrell 3

Sierra Ferrell Delivers Debut Performance at DelFest

May 31, 2023 5:34 pm GMT

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Photos by Taylor Lewis.

Following a striking performance on the Potomac Stage on Friday afternoon, Sierra Ferrell’s maiden voyage at DelFest continued on Saturday with an epic showing on the gathering’s premiere Grandstand Stage.

Her second show of the weekend in the shadow of her native West Virginia featured a mix of favorites from her Rounder Records debut, Long Time Coming, new songs from its highly anticipated follow-up and jaw-dropping covers that left the audience yearning for more.

Songs like ‘Jeremiah’, ‘Bells Of Every Chapel’ and ‘Silver Dollar’ echoed through the repurposed race course and surrounding Appalachian mountains, luring listeners in like a siren draws sailors to rocky shores.

However, in this case the destination ended in pure bliss, especially with the familiar covers that Ferrell pulled out of her back pocket and made all her own. These included Willie Nelson’s ‘Seven Spanish Angels’, John Anderson’s ‘Years’ and an astounding breakdown of the Beatles’ timeless 1970 hit ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, which inspired the crowd to sing along with her in a moment of euphoric bliss.

Throughout her two days at DelFest, Sierra Ferrell also debuted a handful of new songs that fans can expect to hear on her forthcoming album, such as the charming ‘Dollar Bill Bar’ and ‘The Garden’, a slowed-down, intimate ballad about the joys of getting your hands dirty and being one with Mother Earth. If those songs are any indication, her next album is sure to be just as intoxicating as Long Time Coming.

After a weekend such as this, it’s clear that Sierra Ferrell has the world and all its possibilities in the palm of her hand. We’re just lucky to be here at the same time, enjoying each step of the journey with her.

Sierra Ferrell - Setlist

Take from her performance at DelFest 2023, Grandstand Stage, Cumberland, Maryland - Saturday, May 27th 2023:

  • Jeremiah
  • Bells Of Every Chapel
  • Why’d Ya Do It
  • The Garden
  • Seven Spanish Angels
  • Redwood Hill
  • Years
  • Fox Hunt
  • Whispering Waltz
  • Silver Dollar
  • The Sea
  • Don’t Let Me Down
  • In Dreams

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Written by Matt Wickstrom
Author - Sierra Ferrell
Sierra Ferrell