Artist - Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham Releases New EP, ‘Watch Out for the Wolf’

June 26, 2023 2:47 pm GMT
Last Edited August 18, 2023 5:00 pm GMT

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After releasing his first original song since 2019, ‘Where My Wild Things Are’, Ryan Bingham has now made his brand new Watch Out for the Wolf EP available on all platforms.

The eagerly anticipated project features seven previously unheard tracks, including the curiously titled ‘Internal Intermission’, ‘Devil Stole My Style’ and ‘Automated’, with the recently dropped ‘Where My Wild Things Are’ serving as the opener.

‘Where My Wild Things Are’ pivots around Bingham's trademark gravelly vocals, which carry a weather-beaten soul and weary grit that sound like they emerged straight out of a West Texas dust storm.

The track feels more produced and sleeker than Ryan Bingham's older releases, which have often veered towards a rawer, stripped-back feel. With this being the first taste of the new record, it seems Bingham will be exploring uncharted territory on Watch Out for the Wolf.

Other stand-outs include the EP's finale, ‘This Life’, with Ryan Bingham's wistful voice floating across a haunting, ethereal whistle. Another unquestionable highlight is ‘Devil Stole My Style’, a dramatic, neo-Western epic that showcases Bingham's gravitas, as well as his willingness to take sonic risks now that he is at the helm with production.

In recent years, as well as retaining his status as one of the frontrunners in the intersection between alt-country, Americana and rock, Ryan Bingham has become widely known for his role on Kevin Costner's hit TV series, Yellowstone. Bingham appears alongside fellow actor and alt-country artist, Luke Grimes.

Bingham plays the fan-favourite character, Walker, who stumbles upon the the Dutton family's ranch following a stint in prison. He seems to settle in quickly, before quickly realising that the Yellowstone has a nefarious and dark underbelly.

Bingham often brings his musicality into the show, with Walker being the go-to ranch-hand whenever the rest of the gang want to be serenaded by some classic country tunes.

It'll be interesting to see how the widely celebrated artist's new sound continues to be influenced by his stint in Yellowstone, with Watch Out For The Wolf having undoubtedly whet fans’ appetites for a new full-length studio album from Ryan Bingham.

Written by Maxim Mower
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