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Noah Kahan Performs Unreleased Song Per Fan Request In Canada

April 12, 2024 4:10 pm GMT

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During a stop on the Canadian leg of his We'll All Be Here Forever Tour, Noah Kahan pulled out an unreleased song from his hit-studded repertoire, treating fans to what could soon be coming from the 'Stick Season' star.

The night's show lulled as crew members adjusted the stage behind him and Kahan took some time to check in with audience members, cracking jokes and reading the signs that bobbed over the arena crowd.

The moment can be seen playing out in a video the artist posted to his Instagram. He captioned his charming spiel, "The most awkward 45 seconds of every night."

One sign in particular peaked Kahan's interest and set the stage for the performance that followed.

The fan-made signage read: "Surprise Song?" Choices A, B, and C were arranged below the question for the artist to pick from. He picked option C, which underneath the flap of paper was a request for an unreleased song.

"Okay, I'll play an unreleased song for the surprise song," he told the crowd, who simultaneously erupted into screams.

The reel cuts to footage of Kahan playing the fan's request, bellowing a line from his previously teased track, 'Spoiled.' Little is known about the tune, but it is one he posted a snippet of in February.

The singer-songwriter still has months left in his We'll All Be Here Forever trek, which means even more opportunities to share never-before-heard offering with fans across North America and Europe.

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Written by Alli Patton
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