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Morgan Wallen's Unreleased Fan-Favourite Song, ‘Always Have, Always Will’, is Going Viral on TikTok: Will He Ever Release It?

July 10, 2024 3:27 pm GMT

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If you're on the country side of TikTok - or HickTok, if you will - your ‘For You’ page will most likely be continually bombarded by snippets of unreleased Morgan Wallen tracks such as the pop-infused ’Love Somebody’ and the sparse, despairing ’I Guess’.

However, you might have noticed another Morgan Wallen demo sneaking its way into your feed of late - ‘Always Have, Always Will’. A quick search will show that over 2,000 TikTok videos have been created with one of these bootleg snippets alone, and perhaps surprisingly, a large number of these have been spawned in 2024.

Unlike ‘Love Somebody’ and ‘I Guess’, ‘Always Have, Always Will’ wasn't shared or teased by the Sneedville singer-songwriter in recent months - rather, it's a leaked clip from early on in Morgan Wallen's career. The sleek, polished acoustics of recent, Joey Moi-helmed releases - such as his new single, ‘Lies, Lies, Lies’ - is eschewed in favour of bright, stadium-ready electric guitars and stirring, emotive keys.

Although the exact origin date for ‘Always Have, Always Will’ remains unclear, it's evident the clip - which only spans around 30 seconds - was written during the earlier stages of Morgan Wallen's discography, with the sound aligning most closely with his 2015 Stand Alone EP and his debut studio album, If I Know Me.

The sweet, rose-tinted lyrics find Morgan professing his undying commitment to his partner, with these kinds of romantic, idealist snapshots of love being scattered across If I Know Me, particularly on ‘Talkin’ Tennessee’, ‘Little Rain’ and ‘Redneck Love Song’, before the levity that pervaded this project was replaced by darker, stormier themes on much of 2021's Dangerous and 2023's One Thing At A Time.

‘Always Have, Always Will’ is incredibly catchy and unavoidably infectious, and although there's no question that this demo would benefit from being given a fresh lick of paint, Morgan Wallen's vocal is as strong and charismatic as ever. It's also nice to hear the ‘Last Night’ hitmaker singing about love with this kind of innocence, given the colder, brooding ambience that underpins his more recent material.

Even so, it seems the context and story surrounding ‘Always Have, Always Will’ have played a significant role in its newfound virality. Given his megastar status, Morgan Wallen's relationships inevitably garner much scrutiny and attention from tabloids and fans alike. Morgan is now known for being a very private person, but one relationship that's always drawn a heightened sense of fascination is that with KT Smith. He shares a child, Indigo Wilder, with KT, with the two were rumoured to have been together on-and-off from 2016 through to 2020, even getting temporarily engaged in 2019 before calling it quits for good shortly after.

Whenever Morgan Wallen releases or teases a heartbreak song - which is relatively often - there's always a persistent group of fans taking to the comments section to conjure up theories and conspiracies about it being written about KT. While Morgan keeps his muses close to his chest, ‘Always Have, Always Will’ is one song that does seem to have been written about his former fiancée.

As one TikTok user highlights, an old photo seemingly posted by KT Smith while she was with Morgan Wallen showcased a bouquet of flowers with a personal note that appears to be from Morgan, reading, “If I could do anything I wanted To Do, I Choose You. I Love You KT. Always have, always will”, and signed “M”.

This certainly makes ‘Always Have, Always Will’ seem like a particularly meaningful phrase for Morgan and KT, and adds an extra layer of intrigue beyond the snippet. But again, the question persists as to the timing - why is it going viral now?

<p>KT Smith & Morgan Wallen Screenshot</p>

This can potentially be linked to Morgan Wallen's chair-throwing incident in April. After this happened, rumours began to emerge that the ‘Thought You Should Know’ chart-topper's arrest for hurling a chair off the roof of Chief's in Nashville stemmed from his frustrations at finding out KT had eloped to marry Luke Scornavacco, which was announced a few days prior. It needs to be underlined that these speculations have never been proven and, quite frankly, remain highly questionable.

However, it nonetheless returned the blinding glare of public interest back onto Morgan and KT's relationship, which has helped to fuel the popularity of ‘Always Have, Always Will’.

Given how quickly this snippet has been spreading across TikTok in 2024 so far, may Morgan Wallen be tempted to finally give ‘Always Have, Always Will’ an official release?

It seems highly doubtful, as the sound, tone and overall vibe of ‘Always Have, Always Will’ feels misaligned with Morgan's current direction, with ‘Lies, Lies, Lies’, ‘I Guess’, ‘Come Back as a Redneck’ and ‘Love Somebody’ consolidating the ‘Sand in My Boots’ crooner's foray into country music's eclectic, genre-fusing outer edges.

Having said that, Morgan Wallen is always deeply in tune with his fanbase, as was highlighted when he dropped a revamped version of the much-loved track, ‘Spin You Around’, in January. Like ’Always Have, Always Will’, that was a very early track, but Morgan teamed up with Joey Moi to give it a fresh, contemporary feel.

Perhaps he could do the same with ’Always Have, Always Will’, and this undoubtedly feels like something fans would be strongly in favour of. Yet if the lovestruck offering was indeed written with KT Smith in mind, as we suspect, we imagine Morgan won't be looking to reopen this chapter by sharing a new rendition of this fan-favourite. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed we at least get to hear the full version before too long, even if it's only ever in the form of a grainy, TikTok-bound clip.

For the full lyrics so far to Morgan Wallen's ‘Always Have, Always Will’, see below:

“Some things get old and faded

Lose their shine and get outdated

Some things in life

That time can't kill


I knew it from the first kiss

Girl, I would always want this

I loved you then, and I love you still

Always have, and always will


You know I always have, and always will”

For more on Morgan Wallen, see below:

Written by Maxim Mower
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