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Morgan Wallen's New Song, ‘I Guess’, Has Gone Viral on TikTok; When Will He Release It?

January 19, 2024 12:40 pm GMT

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Since Morgan Wallen shared his latest teaser, ‘I Guess’, the clip has spread like wildfire across TikTok, ensuring the sense of anticipation is sky-high ahead of the song's release.

Unfortunately, we don't yet have any hint or suggestion of a release date for the track, which finds the Sneedville megastar crooning wistfully across a sparse, acoustic guitar riff.

The lyrics explore the conclusion of a toxic relationship, with Morgan going back and forth as to who the blame should lie with for the explosive, hostile break-up.

<p>Morgan Wallen Unreleased Snippet - I Guess</p>

Throughout what appears to be the opening verse, Morgan sings forlornly, “You see I never change / Just to go around town with some gasoline / Just tryin' to burn a flame / Gon' burn the whole place down / And how do you explain / Ever fallin' in love with a guy like me in the first place? / Turn around say that I'm the worst thing”.

In the chorus, he goes on to send a flurry of thinly veiled barbs to his ex-girlfriend, as he laments the fact that she perceives him as the cause of their split, “I guess I'm the problem / And you're Miss Never Do No Wrong / If I'm so awful, then why'd you stick around this long? / And if it's the whiskey, then why do you keep on pullin' it off the shelf? / You hate that when you look at me, you halfway see yourself / And it got me thinkin' / If I'm the problem, then you might be the reason”.

Due to the subject matter, ‘I Guess’ has been dubbed by many as Morgan's ‘Narcissist’ song, with fans on TikTok using the snippet to soundtrack their videos about their exes.

Despite being less than a minute long, ‘I Guess’ is on its way to the viral heights reached by previous Morgan Wallen hits such as ‘7 Summers’ and ‘More Than My Hometown’, both of which were released after Morgan's social media teasers exploded in popularity.

With this in mind, although Morgan confirmed towards the end of 2023 that he still has plans to send at least one more song from One Thing At A Time to Country Radio after ‘Man Made A Bar’, it seems we could be getting ‘I Guess’ sooner rather than later.

Morgan and his team have always been receptive to fans’ responses, and with ‘I Guess’ garnering so much attention across social media, it could feel like a missed opportunity if they wait until later in the year before releasing the official studio version.

It looks like a number of the ‘Last Night’ hitmaker's fellow artists share followers’ eagerness for ‘I Guess’ to be made available. For instance, Parker McCollum commented on Morgan's Instagram post, ‘Release that exactly how it is. So good”.

Although we're still awaiting confirmation of when we can expect ‘I Guess’ to drop, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed the track appears on streaming platforms sooner rather than later - hopefully in tandem with another recent unreleased demo Morgan posted to Instagram, the Post Malone-assisted ‘I Had Some Help’.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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