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Midland Release ‘The Sonic Ranch’ Documentary

March 22, 2021 1:30 pm GMT
Last Edited May 19, 2023 11:38 am GMT

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Midland have released their new documentary, The Sonic Ranch.

The film, which premiered on CMT on Saturday (March 20th), documents the band's formation and their early recordings at Texas' The Sonic Ranch studio in 2014.

Beginning with a shot of the band stepping out on stage to a full arena, before flashing back to six years earlier, the film follows how Jess Carson and Mark Wystrach went to the famous Texas studio to record, whilst their friend Cameron Duddy filmed the process.

However, Duddy himself soon got drafted into helping the duo record, and thus the trio we now know today was born.

In conversation with Holler, frontman Wystrach described The Sonic Ranch as an intimate insight into the early formation of the group; ”It's really for fans and people who have never met the band before, that opportunity to just be a fly on the wall.

You're seeing the way that we creatively collaborate and within that, you see a whole lot of tension. Early on, there was tension between us three guys - three artists - who have very strong ideas of what they want to do.

Before, there were a lot of butting heads. There was a lot of tequila and beer drinking, it was like a camping trip“.

The Sonic Ranch is accompanied by a 12-song soundtrack of the songs they recorded during those early sessions - the majority of which have never been heard before.

The accompanying soundtrack is available to buy and stream.

For more on Midland, see below:

Written by Zoe Hodges
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