Margo Price at The Long Road Festival 2023 by Kendall Wilson

Margo Price Releases Second Act of ‘Strays II’ Album

September 14, 2023 2:17 pm GMT
Last Edited December 19, 2023 7:32 pm GMT

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Margo Price has shared the second instalment of her upcoming Strays II album, with the Illinois songsmith releasing three new tracks, ‘Black Wolf Blues’, ‘Mind Travel’ and ‘Unoriginal Sin’ with Mike Campbell.

The latest three-pack follows the previously released ‘Act I: Topanga Canyon’ EP, which featured the first three songs to appear on Price's hotly anticipated Strays II project.

The new EP, entitled ‘Act II: Mind Travel’, will form part of the revamped double-album, which builds upon Margo Price's acclaimed Strays album. Strays II will be released on October 13 2023.

Speaking ahead of the release of ‘Act II: Mind Travel’, Price explained how ‘Unoriginal Sin’ came about, “The psychedelic journey continues down the blurry rabbit hole of time and space. We were lucky to have Mike Campbell co-write a dark rocker called 'Unoriginal Sin.' Working with him on some of these songs was like having a master class in songwriting. Sometimes there are dark corners you haven’t explored for some time, but it does some good to clean them out”.

Margo Price went on to delve into the creative process behind another of the new singles, ‘Mind Travel’, which she described as “one of the more lyrically strange songs I’ve written. Jeremy and I wrote it in South Carolina. It’s pretty much beat poetry on drugs with a back beat – it was influenced by having an out of body experience on psilocybin. We both had some pretty incredible breakthroughs about accepting death and just reckoning with how fast it's all going. It's okay to be reflective and remember the past as long as you don't get stuck back there. This part of the trip is where you learn to be satisfied with the present”.

On the last of the new tracks, ‘Black Wolf Blues’, Price shared, “I love how these songs came together. 'Black Wolf Blues' in particular, Jeremy started writing the words from my exact point of view – he found myself reflecting on my ancestors, my grandparents (Paul & Mary Price) and their love and how it grew despite the drought and the loss of their farm. I wrote the chords and the melody and helped finish the verses and chorus. Even though it has a sweetness and a nostalgic way about it, there is a looming darkness – the wolf who's been watching and weaving his way like a stray throughout the entire album. Look for him. It's like an invisible plague hanging in the air, it's the man in the suit and tie who's lying to you through his straight, white teeth. He hides in shadows”.

In addition to the three new songs, Margo Price has treated fans to the final portion of her three-part short film, Light Me Up, which was directed by Chris Phelps.

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Featured photo by Kendall Wilson

Written by Maxim Mower
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