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Luke Combs Offers Snippet of Unreleased Tune 'Huntin' By Yourself'

May 1, 2024 3:24 pm GMT

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"Another new one for y’all." That's all the caption reads on the latest social media post from Luke Combs as he teases yet another unreleased song. It's one of many in a recent string of new tunes with no release dates or album announcement in sight.

The Instagram reel features a snippet of the sentimental recording alongside some insight into the song's inspiration. "This song is about doing things you love with your kids, but knowing they'll grow up one day & then you'll realize it's never about what you're doing but who you do it with," the artist explains, the words overlayed along with the song's title: 'Huntin' By Yourself.'

The softly picked song sets the scene of a father and son going hunting. "He ran out of that bedroom 'bout as gung-ho as he could be in his Mossy Oak," Combs sings in the first verse. "Took a first hunt picture on my phone 'fore he fell asleep on the way / I held the gun, he held the light / A cup of coffee and a can of Sprite / The stand was only ten feet high but on top of the world that day / I already knew he wouldn't see a thing / Been three more times and it's always the same."

The chorus, however, is the kicker, reminding listeners of the unavoidable passing of time and the importance of spending it wisely. "'Cause he moves too much and he talks too loud," the artist croons. "But I don't mind 'cause I'm finding out / That even if it's just time we're killin', it's never felt more like livin' / They'll make you cuss and wear your patience thin / But next thing you know, they're all grown up and then / You're huntin' by yourself again."

'Huntin' By Yourself' joins several other of Combs' teased tunes dealing with fatherhood, like his recently performed 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' and 'The Man He Sees in Me.' We could be seeing a theme for an upcoming album from the hitmaker.

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Written by Alli Patton
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