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Luke Combs Announces First Ever ‘Bootleggers Bonfire Weekend’ in Florida

February 26, 2024 3:56 pm GMT

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Luke Combs has always been known for going the extra mile for his fans - and the ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ hitmaker is showcasing this once again with the unveiling of the first ever ‘Bootleggers Bonfire Weekend’ in Miramar Beach, Florida.

The fan-focussed weekend will take place across October 10-12, 2024, with the music-based holiday available to just 5,000 guests in total. Ticket forms have been sent exclusively to members of Luke Combs’ Bootleggers fanbase, with those who receive the email able to apply for access to the pre-sale, which opens in March.

Excitingly, Luke Combs will play two sets across the weekend, one featuring the North Carolina singer-songwriter's staple tour setlist, and another consisting solely of deep cuts. This will give fans the chance to sing along to hidden gems the country megastar doesn't tend to perform while out on the road, and attendees will no doubt be eagerly looking forward to the chance to hear much-loved tracks such as ‘I Got Away With You’, ‘Don't Tempt Me’, ‘Reasons’, ‘All Over Again’ and more.

In a special video promoting the Bootleggers Bonfire Weekend, Luke Combs explained, “Bootleggers - listen. We're going to the beach, man! October 10 through to 12, Miramar Beach, Florida, the Bootleggers Bonfire is gonna be insane. I'm gonna be doing a couple of sets of music, I've got some of my favourite artists coming out. We're gonna have the band involved, we're gonna have songwriters involved, there's gonna be all kinds of stuff going on. I can't wait, man. I can't wait for you guys to have this experience, I can't wait to go - we've been working on this for a really, really, really long time to try to make it perfect for you guys”.

Those who received the Bootleggers Bonfire Weekend email have until 12pm ET on February 28, 2024 to sign up with the email address they used to registered with the fan club.

Luke Combs and his team have underlined that an RSVP to the email does not guarantee you a ticket, due to the limited availability for the experience - it just grants them access to the pre-sale. In addition, there will be no secondary market resale option.

As for the pricing, 3-Day Passes - which provide entry to all shows and official activities across the weekend - will begin at $395 per person. Those seeking somewhere to stay throughout the Bootleggers Bonfire Weekend can purchase a combination of a ticket and room; the cost of one of these for three nights with all fees included starts at $1,050 for two to four guests, and $1,350 for groups of four or more.

Those lucky enough to get their hands on tickets will be hoping Luke Combs might treat them to a few unreleased songs during the Bootleggers Bonfire Weekend, with the bearded crooner teasing a handful of celebrated ballads across his socials of late, including ‘Noah's Arkansas’, ‘The Man He Sees In Me’ and ‘Plant A Seed’. Perhaps he'll also serenade audience-members with a performance of his hotly anticipated Post Malone collaboration, ‘I Ain't Got A Guy For That’, too.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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