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Luke Combs Achieves 17th No. 1 with ‘Love You Anyway’

August 29, 2023 3:45 pm GMT

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Luke Combs has earned his 17th No. 1 with ‘Love You Anyway’. The sweet, heartfelt ballad follows in the footsteps of his much-loved Tracy Chapman cover, ‘Fast Car’, which has topped both the Mediabase and Billboard Country Airplay charts.

‘Love You Anyway’ finds Luke expressing his undying love for his wife, Nicole, through a collage of visceral imagery (“If your kiss turned me to stone / I'd be a statue standing tall in Ancient Rome / And if your touch shattered me like glass / I'd be in pieces trying to make the breaking last”.

‘Love You Anyway’ is one of the many stand-out tracks from the North Carolina songsmith's acclaimed 2023 album, Gettin’ Old, which served as the sequel to his 2022 project, Growin’ Up.

When deciding which song to send to Country Radio alongside ‘Fast Car’, Luke conferred with his loyal fanbase, giving them the choice between ‘Love You Anyway’ and ‘5 Leaf Clover’.

@hollercountry The moment Luke Combs invites a young leukaemia survivor, Cooper, on stage during his recent show in Foxborough 🥹 The North Carolina megastar introduced Cooper, who had met Combs before the show as part of his Meet-and-Greet event, before they sang Luke’s chart-topping cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’. #lukecombs #Holler ♬ original sound - Holler

Despite the latter being an undoubted fan-favourite, ‘Love You Anyway’ was ultimately crowned victorious, and it seems Luke Combs will now be thanking his followers for their astute decision.

Now, fans will be hoping he gives ‘5 Leaf Clover’ the chance to shine at Country Radio, with the gratitude-filled anthem sure to have a great shot at becoming Luke's 18th chart-topper.

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