Black and white photo of Josiah standing on a truck bed in a field

Josiah and the Bonnevilles’ New Ballad, ‘One Last Song’, Has Been 15 Years in the Making

January 19, 2024 1:14 pm GMT

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Josiah and the Bonnevilles have shared another stellar single, ‘One Last Song’, which arrives hot on the heels of their much-loved ‘Country Version’ of The 1975's ‘Wintering’.

‘One Last Song’ is a beautifully intricate, piano-driven ballad, which stays true to the crisp, vulnerable ambience that the Tennessee singer-songwriter has become synonymous with.

On the day of its release, Josiah took to socials to underline his appreciation for the support his fans have given this track over the years, “‘One Last Song’ is out everywhere today. I am truly overwhelmed by the love you all have shown me and this song. It’s more than any one man deserves. Thank you so much for listening”.

It's a special moment for long-time followers of Josiah, who originally performed under the moniker of Josiah Leming, with the artist first sharing a clip of ‘One Last Song’ 15 years ago.

Ever since, listeners have been clamouring for Josiah and the Bonnevilles to share the official studio version - and now, 15 years later, they've finally been granted their wish.

Taking to his socials, Josiah underlined how much ‘One Last Song’ still means to him after all this time, “I wrote this song when I was 17 and so sure of everything. Having it come out now at 34 is like getting a little piece of my youth back. My whole life right now feels like one big homecoming after being lost for so long. I have a piano again for the first time in 5 years. I understand now what truly matters to me”.

It's a tender, deeply personal track that aches with existential anxiety, with Josiah employing an array of visceral imagery to describe his fears about what lies for him on the horizon, “Waves of silver, waves of gold / Are coming down to take me / Separate my body from my soul / And Jesus either leaves or takes me”.

‘One Last Song’ is another release that will no doubt whet fans’ appetites ahead of Josiah and the Bonnevilles’ keenly awaited follow-up to 2023's lauded Endurance album.

Written by Maxim Mower
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