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Jesse Daniel is ‘Comin’ Apart At The Seams’ Ahead of Fourth Studio Album

April 4, 2024 4:10 pm GMT

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“Pick yourself up if you’re comin’ apart at the seams”. Jesse Daniel imparts these words on his fresh new single, the twanged up honky tonk anthem 'Comin' Apart At The Seams'.

It's a sentiment he's had to live and learn, one that he's passing along to us now as the lead single of his forthcoming album, Countin’ The Miles.

“I wrote this song about my experience in life,” Daniel shares of the track. “It’s autobiographical and touches on the way my brothers and I grew up. Coming from a broken home, there were a lot of hurdles for us, but I see now that those hard lessons we learned so young were actually a blessing. I wrote this one about the spirit of perseverance and the earned toughness that comes from an upbringing like we had. It’s the realization that no one is coming to save you. That’s on us to save ourselves”.

Featured on 'Comin' Apart At The Seams', you'll hear background vocals from Jon Randall, as well as fiddle flourishes from the late Gene Elders (George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band), who passed away shortly after recording. The album will also feature guest appearances from Ben Haggard, son of the great Merle Haggard, and Jodi Lyford, Daniel’s partner and frequent collaborator.

Countin’ The Miles is set to arrive June 7, its release finding the artist halfway through a lengthy spring-summer tour.


Countin’ The Miles Track List:

1. 'Comin’ Apart At The Seams'

2. 'That’s My Kind Of Country'

3. 'Countin’ The Miles'

4. 'Ol’ Montana'

5. 'Restless'

6. 'When Your Tomorrow’s In The Past' (feat. Jodi Lyford)

7. 'Lonesome Blues'

8. 'Tomorrow’s Good Ol’ Days' (feat. Ben Haggard)

9. 'Golden State Rambler'

10. 'Steppin’ Out' (feat. Jodi Lyford)

11. 'Cut Me Loose'

Written by Alli Patton
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Artist - Jesse Daniel 1

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Artist - Jesse Daniel 1

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