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August 15, 2023 9:28 am GMT

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The Holler Songwriter Competition is entering its final stages this week, with the winner being announced on Thursday, August 17.

There is still time to vote for your favourite entry, with 13 artists up for the chance of winning a brand new Taylor 214ce guitar and a New Artist of the Week Feature on Holler.

With voting open till midnight CT on Thursday August 17, we're giving you the chance to delve into each entry below. You can vote for your favourite on Holler's YouTube channel by giving the selected video a like.

Beth Svahn - 'Today is Not for Dwelling'

Talking about 'Today is Not for Dwelling, Beth says; “I wrote "Today is Not for Dwelling" a few years ago, when I was processing some big life stuff. Well, the last few weeks have left my family and I a bit shaken over what may happen next".

"Our car broke down, twice. Our dog is very ill. My daughter brought home some unwelcome visitors that caused me to have to shave my dreadlocks (we saved her beautiful hair, thank goodness). BUT...this song is not actually about all of that. This song is about letting it go as we can, remembering to be thankful for what we have, and pushing past struggles to gain new understanding and grow together".

"We have a home. We are safe. We have food to eat (as evidenced by the sink full of unwashed dishes haha). We have friends and family. We have built ourselves a solid home that is held together by love...and that's enough".

Brandon Good - 'Restless'

Talking about 'Restless', Brandon says; “I'm a songwriter who has been a musician my whole life".

"With over 10 years of touring under my belt, I am finally giving it a go doing my own songs. It’s always been my dream and passion to be a performing songwriter and I’m having a lot of fun doing this now".

Erika Olseen - 'Mamma Ain't Got No Time'

Talking about 'Mamma Ain't Got No Time', Erika says; “I raise babies and write songs in East Sussex. An American nomad, I've found change to be my only constant".

"I was a feisty litigator on a mission until I had my first child. Motherhood changed everything for me, down to the very colours I could see. This is not the first song that I wrote, but it is the first song that I wrote in which I could hear my own voice".

"This is a song about coming to terms with the constant demands of motherhood. There is struggle and reluctance to accept change, but through humor, love, and acceptance what starts out as a sentence turns into joy".

"This song is essential to my journey as a mother and an artist. It represents the magic of music, the ability to transform one thing into another. This song takes my journey and struggles and makes it a universal celebration of life and transformation".

Juan M Soria - 'Hear My Prayers'

Talking about 'Hear my Prayers', Juan says; “I'm a singer / songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in NYC. I moved 8 years ago and traveled all around the US playing solo with my acoustic guitar".

"Initially, my set was mainly in Spanish, so nobody understood what I was saying. Sometimes, people came to me and told me 'I didn't understand a word, but I've got the feeling'. That was huge for me, while sometimes nobody gave a shit".

"The song is about those days, driving for hours through every state just to find that little piece of joy".

Katie Rigby - 'Love Song'

Talking about 'Love Song', Katie says; “I'm a songwriting student from Manchester trying to make cosmic country happen! I wrote my song 'Love Song' after working at summer camp in the US for 2 months, leaving my now husband at home".

"We reunited in New York, got married at the Valley of Fire in Vegas and honeymooned in California - it was magical! The song is all about my love story - essentially love isn't just the shiny bits, it's the tough and dark parts too. Finding someone who sticks with you through it all is something special!”

Logan Shook - 'Back To Georgia'

Taking about 'Back To Georgia', Logan says; “This song is called 'Back To Georgia'. I wrote it when my grandparents died less than a year apart, after I moved out to California from Georgia. I hope it means as much to y’all as it does to me. Enjoy."

Matthew Thomas Siewert - 'The Waiting Room'

Talking about 'The Waiting Room', Matthew says; “'The Waiting Room' will be the focus track off my upcoming EP that comes out September 15th. It represents where I want to go with my sound as an artist.

"I wrote it while I was processing some grief and loss that my wife and I have been walking through. I tend to always be quick to find the positives in things, but this time it became clear that "silver linings" weren't helpful.

"The best and only thing we could do was just wait, together. The waiting room sucks, but it's not so bad if you're waiting with people you love".

Steady Habits - 'Deviate'

Talking about 'Deviate', Sean says; "Steady Habits is the lyrical narrative of Connecticut-Native, Sean Duggan. Currently living in Oxford, UK, we've showcased at the AMA UK Awards 2023 and released our first single off our next release in April. The song I've written is called 'Deviate'. It touches on my experience growing up as queer kid. It's one of my favourites to play at live shows”

Stringy J - 'Thinking Again'

Talking about 'Thinking Again', Josh says; "Hi! My names Stringy J (my real name is Josh Harvey). I'm a singer / songwriter / six-string picker from South Devon, England"

"I wrote this song a while ago, the place where I filmed this video is called Shaugh Prior. Legend has it that the Devil once walked here. In these parts he was known as Ol' Dewer. I spend a lot of time in this holler and sometimes swim in the river. Its so quiet you can't help but get lost in your own thoughts and sometimes that can be a dangerous thing".

"I don't know about everyone else, but sometimes if I think too much, my mind can wonder to the things I've done wrong in life and the things I wish I could change - is this the Devil creeping in?"

"It's my favourite song to sing and I hope some other people might enjoy it too. I apologise for the sound of the river in the background, it was kinda noisy today".

Taylor Wallace - 'Home'

Talking about her song 'Home', Taylor says; “I am a Junior in high school. I've always loved music and I have always dreamed about writing my own songs".

"This song, 'Home', is about being away from your family and your house but meeting someone along the way. No matter where you are in the world, they will always be a reminder of home and that you're never too far from your roots”.

Tom Humphreys - 'Helluva Deal'

Talking about his song 'Helluva Deal', Tom says; "I am a laboring songwriter who has so far managed to steer clear of fame and fortune. Shooting for another near miss! I love the craft and the community. This is a fun song. A "brag" if you will, with a twist!”

Tommy Busby - 'Stars Fall Down'

Talking about the song 'Stars Fall Down', Tommy says; '“Stars Fall Down. Going out and having a good time dancing on the town".

Untold River - 'Fire'

"Talking about the song 'Fire', Ciaran says; "Having spent most of my time in the background, as one of the main songwriters in my previous band of seven years, I've often shied away from the microphone.

"However, after being stuck at home during the lockdown, saving time on commutes and listening to plenty of music, my inner curiosity and desire to write songs became impossible to ignore".

"After gaining confidence on TikTok and working closely with the budding producer, Jamie Platt, Untold River began. 'Fire' is one of the few songs that have been carried over from my previous project, a song close to me that never saw the light of day with my old band".

"Essentially, it's a song about frustration around the initial uncertainty of a relationship. The song has been built in classic songwriters structure and has often been well received when played live”.

To vote for your favourite entry in the Holler Songwriter Competition, head to Holler's YouTube Channel and like your favourite video.

Voting closes at midnight CT / 8am BST on Thursday, August 17, and the winner will be announced at 12 midday BST on the same day.

For more on the Holler Songwriter Competition, see below:

Written by Ross Jones
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