Stephen Wilson Jr at Dreamy Draw Festival 2023 by Laura Ord.

Exclusive: Stephen Wilson Jr. is Working On a New Album

March 18, 2024 3:00 pm GMT

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Speaking to Holler, Stephen Wilson Jr. has confirmed he's working on a new album, which will serve as the keenly awaited follow-up to his acclaimed 2023 project, søn of dad.

While in the UK for C2C Festival 2024, the ‘Cuckoo‘ singer-songwriter sat down with Holler to discuss what fans can expect from the forthcoming album, “I'm working on a new record right now. I've written most of it. It's more of a continuation of søn of dad. søn of dad was like a record-keeping process, more just me trying to keep a record of what I'm going through. And I'm still going through it, so it's more of a ‘To-Be-Continued’ than it is a ‘Chapter 2’ or whatever you would call it”.

søn of dad, which arrived on September 15th 2023, viscerally explored Stephen Wilson Jr.'s grief following the passing of his father, with the Southern Indiana artist infusing vignettes pivoting around nostalgia, faith, self-identity and rural pride into the evocative, genre-defying record. It was championed as Holler's Album of the Year, setting the expectations sky-high ahead of Wilson Jr.'s sophomore album.

It appears the next record will extend Stephen Wilson Jr.'s use of music as means of catharsis, as he processes his grief, with the fast-emerging artist describing the project as a deeper dive into the themes and emotions that radiate through søn of dad.

He went on the underline how the project has been coming together out on the road, “I've been enjoying getting all the songs written for it, and it kind of mixed in with all the touring and stuff, but I'm really just trying to stay true to what I've been going through, and at the same time, stay true to the emotion and where the songs came from”.

Stephen Wilson Jr. expanded, “It'll be the same band that recorded the first one, and the same studio and everything. It'll be just a continuation of the conversation”.

It remains to be seen whether Stephen Wilson Jr. nods towards søn of dad in the title of the new project, especially if it draws from the same narrative, or whether the record will be framed as an entirely separate body of work. Either way, Wilson Jr. makes it clear that, if you liked søn of dad, he has plenty more where that came from.

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Featured photo by Laura Ord

Written by Maxim Mower
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Stephen Wilson Jr. at Dreamy Draw Festival 2023 by Laura Ord.

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