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Exclusive: Russell Dickerson is Working with the Music Director of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour for His Long Road Festival Set

March 14, 2024 12:14 pm GMT

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Immediately after being announced for The Long Road Festival 2024, UK fans have inevitably been speculating as to what kind of set they can expect from Russell Dickerson in August.

Holler caught up with the ‘God Gave Me A Girl’ hitmaker to talk his upcoming European run, his dream duet - and how his 2024 show draws inspiration from Taylor Swift's Eras tour.

Some US artists tailor their performance and their set depending on which country they're taking the stage in, with UK crowds often described as being more receptive to stripped-back, songwriting-focussed offerings than their US equivalents.

This is something Russell Dickerson acknowledges as one of the great joys of playing for UK audiences, “I definitely feel like they're much more respectful, and they know the catalogue a lot deeper than than your normal country music fan over here in the US”.

Russell has a wealth of intimately composed, heartwarming ballads that will please these fans, such as ‘Yours’ and ‘Blame It On Being Young’. However, RD has also become synonymous with the celebratory, party-starting atmosphere he engenders at each show.

One thing's for certain when Russell Dickerson storms onto the Long Road Festival stage - he'll leave everything out there as he rattles through galvanising, genre-blending anthems such as ‘She Likes It’, ‘Blue Tacoma’ and ‘I Remember’.

As well as giving 110% this August, Long Road Festival ticket-holders can look forward to a show with an extra special series of twists and surprises, thanks to the introduction of a new member to the RD tour team. Russell reveals - excitingly - he's been working with the Music Director of Taylor Swift's blockbuster Eras tour.

He shares, “We hired a Music Director who designed Taylor Swift's Eras tour to put our show together, which is great! It's taken it to a whole new level. It's just so fun to play this show now”.

The Tennessee singer-songwriter went on to delve into some of the specifics that the new Music Director has been helping him and his crew with, “They've helped us a lot with the show intro, and the transitions that go on throughout the entire setlist. It turns the whole show into an evening, you know? Instead of coming to a restful Las Vegas concert and hearing a bunch of songs, you're coming to a Russell Dickerson concert. It's an evening, it's a nonstop experience. It's so cool, man”.

Fans were already keenly looking forward to seeing Russell Dickerson back on British soil across the 2024 August bank holiday weekend, but with this brand new show he's been honing in recent months, along with the promise of unreleased teasers, it's safe to say the sense of anticipation ahead of The Long Road Festival is sky-high.

In addition, Russell Dickerson discussed his favourite song to perform, the prospect of a Post Malone collaboration, his dream duet, new music and more:

On his previous trip to the UK:

“Playing C2C in 2022 was such a huge event, I feel like that really jump-started my UK presence. It was such a huge opportunity to introduce yourself to so many new fans across The Pond. Getting to open for Miranda Lambert was a huge look for me. Then we came back that same year and sold out every show we had in the UK”.

On including unreleased songs in his setlist:

“The record won't be out by [The Long Road Festival]. But I've been playing some new songs acoustically, just kind of trying them out and seeing whether the crowd digs them”.

On collaborating with Post Malone:

“I haven't hit the studio with him yet - I would love to! I think we would make some absolute magic. But we haven't reached that point yet. But who knows? I hope so”.

On how he brings his all to every show:

“I'm super competitive, just by nature. I know there are people on my heels and there are so many people that would love to be where I am. I have to take a look around sometimes and just remind myself that I can't ease up. I can't take my foot off the gas. It's not in an unhealthy way, either, it's more a case of knowing how far I've made it. I've had to work my tail off to get where I am. So it's ingrained in me at this point. At the same time, I'm being very strategic and prioritising sleep, health, diet and exercise. It's very practical but so important. I'm partying way less!”

On his upcoming European tour:

“We have a whole European tour lined up. I don't know exactly where everything is, but I do know we have at least seven, eight, maybe more shows over there!”

On his favourite song to perform live:

“I think that one for me comes during the more chill, sentimental side of the show, with ‘Over and Over’. We released an acoustic version on The Afterparty Deluxe, and I love that version so much. Then ‘MGNO’ is my favourite party song. We had a producer make a whole EDM drop in the middle of that song, and that's the high point of the RD party. It's just an album cut that fans have latched on to and love”.

On his dream collaboration:

“This isn't just because he played the Super Bowl, but Usher has always been at the top of my list. I've been a fan since the fifth grade. He's always been on the front lines of R&B and Hip Hop, and now he's an icon. I've been a fan since his album, My Way”.

For more on The Long Road Festival, see below:

Written by Maxim Mower
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