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INTERVIEWThe Songs That Changed My Life: Russell Dickerson

Be it in its 80s and 90s throwback glory or its sexy, 2000s R&B-inspired slickness, it makes sense that Dickerson's six picks for The Songs That Changed My Life similarly span the decades and genres that made him.

Russell Dickerson - Russell Dickerson Album Cover

Russell Dickerson - Russell Dickerson

RD carries such an affable, likable and high-energy persona that you find yourself desperately wanting to love every song on this project. Unfortunately, the brightest sparks are fleeting.

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GUIDEA Guide To: A Thanksgiving Menu from the Stars

The Holler team trial country stars' favourite Thanksgiving recipes, courtesy of in-house chef and resident American, Baylen Leonard.

Artist - Russell Dickerson video still

Russell Dickerson Releases Video for 'Home Sweet'

Sprinkled with raw footage self-shot over the years, the films previously held private make their debut in the deeply-personal visual iteration of the song.

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INTERVIEWIn Conversation: Russell Dickerson

Is anyone having a better 2020 than Russell Dickerson? It's doubtful.

Russell Dickerson - Southern Symphony Album

Russell Dickerson - Southern Symphony

Four years on from his debut Yours, Russell Dickerson’s follow-up record Southern Symphony shows he’s still very much in love; with a new baby too.