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Exclusive: Dylan Gossett Shares the Real-Life Story Behind His New Song, ‘Somewhere Between’

March 1, 2024 5:53 pm GMT
Last Edited March 6, 2024 10:33 am GMT

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Dylan Gossett has become known for his acutely perceptive and evocative storytelling, with the fast-emerging Big Loud Texas signee establishing himself at the forefront of the contemporary country-folk scene that's been taking the charts by storm.

With the release of Gossett's new song, ‘Somewhere Between’, he again showcases his ability to deftly flit between personas, as he steps into the shoes of another fascinating protagonist. It's a skill he'll no doubt highlight once again on his forthcoming Songs in the Gravel EP, which has been lined up for a March 22 release date.

‘Somewhere Between’ - which Dylan Gossett describes as “the fastest song I've ever made” - follows the eccentric life of a man who spends his days and nights on trains.

The story, it turns out, was inspired by a real-life vlogger that Gossett encountered online, who lived on trains and shared his experiences of being a modern-day nomad.

Gossett explains, “‘Somewhere Between’ is kind of a funny one. I watched a video of this guy that vlogged his life on trains - he just lived on trains...He was never in the same place, he always knew which way the trains were going, if they were going West or East. I thought it was fascinating, and I wanted to write a song about it”.

He underlines, “I kind of just started with that very first line - ‘Metal tracks and Westbound trains’ - and kind of went on from there. So the whole song is kind of like me putting myself in his shoes and expanding on the story. Just a guy that lived on a train, what his life might look like and why he might even be on the train [in the first place]”.

Although in practice, this lifestyle will unquestionably be full of anxieties and uncertainties, Gossett manages to capture the magic and the sense of adventure that comes with it, while still lacing the isolation and loneliness of this man into each lyric.

It's an infectious, uptempo folk-anthem that'll translate perfectly into arenas and stadiums, with ‘Somewhere Between’ highlighting a new side to Gossett's artistry.

With the ‘Coal’ hitmaker having spent much of 2024 so far on the road with Noah Kahan, you can hear Kahan's influence woven welcomely into the sonic tapestry of ‘Somewhere Between’, as Gossett continues to nimbly straddle the line between country and folk.

For the full lyrics to Dylan Gossett's ‘Somewhere Between’, see below:

“Metal tracks and Westbound trains
This cold in my bones is getting to my brain
And I'm a million miles from yesterday
I wake up each morning, each morning's the same
Metal tracks and Westbound trains

Dandelions and fresh sunflowers
The moon's coming out, the engine grows louder
And I'm not running from a thing but running towards the plain hard fact that I belong by
Dandelions and fresh sunflowers

I'm somewhere between Kansas and coal
And Colorado snow, don't care anymore
Long as I'm gettin' where I go
And I'm from Mississippi where nobody miss me so I'm traveling on
So tonight I'll call this train my home

Heart made of stone and eyes made of glass
When I'm riding these rails I'm chasing my past
And I once had a lover and good God I loved her but she was gone too fast
With a heart made of stone and eyes made of glass

I'm somewhere between Salt Lake and red freights
And I hope that soon I'll be done with snowflakes
I'm still just traveling on
An empty bottle of whiskey cuts through like mesquite but it keeps me warm
So tonight I'll call this whiskey home

Oh and I like to think that I'm just a traveling soul
When the music plays I'd like to have a spot at his show
But for now I'm sitting 'tween two tanks of oil
Writing this song to pass the time, following these roads

And Lord I know
Please don't leave me long
I will follow
One day I will come home

When I finally reach the West coast maybe then I'll just float and stay for a while
Maybe I'll get back on the line
Cus' for a man like me, I need room to breathe
Being on my own is where I feel free
So I'll decide when I get where I'm goin'”

For more on Dylan Gossett, see below:

Written by Maxim Mower
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