Dylan Marlowe in a cap with his head down in a black and white photo

Dylan Marlowe Shares New Unreleased Song Snippet, ‘Hungover in a Deer Stand’

January 2, 2024 11:41 am GMT

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Dylan Marlowe has teased a new unreleased song, ‘Hungover in a Deer Stand’, with fans clamouring for the country prodigy to include the fiery heartbreak anthem on his debut album.

The newly shared snippet finds Marlowe showcasing his ear for an electrifying, soaring hook, with the up-and-coming artist regaling listeners with the story of how his attempts to drown his sorrows have led to him ending up ‘Hungover in a Deer Stand’.

Dylan Marlowe - ‘Hungover in a Deer Stand’ Unreleased Song Snippet

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He croons, “Safe to say she was mad, when she said / ‘Don't come back around’ / So I shut the bar down / They said, ‘You ain't got to go home, but you can't stay here’”, before Dylan Marlowe's good buddy saves him from the loneliness of his house by taking him out hunting in the early hours of the morning.

During the latter part of the chorus, Marlowe quips, “Thought I'd either kill a deer or a memory, whichever came first thing / Well that's how I wound up hungover in a deer stand”.

The rock-tinged track draws inspiration from Dylan Marlowe's 2023 tour-mate, HARDY, with Ernest even taking to the comments to speculate that the song was co-written with HARDY.

Ernest joked, “I'll Venmo u 100 dollars if @hardy ain't a writer on this”, before Dylan Marlowe playfully confirmed HARDY wasn't involved in the song, “@dylanmarlowemusic is my Venmo”.

Dylan Marlowe later took to his stories to show that Ernest had followed through on his promise and transferred the $100, with Marlowe sharing a screenshot of the Venmo transfer alongside the light-hearted caption, “Ernest is a man of his word’.

‘Hungover in a Deer Stand’ captures Dylan Marlowe's trademark blend of blazing electric guitar riffs and stampeding drums, with Marlowe's sleek, distinctive vocals surging across the galvanising instrumental to produce a certified future earworm.

It's a sonic blueprint the singer-songwriter showcased throughout his celebrated 2023 Dirt Road When I Die EP, with fans excitedly looking forward to Marlowe's upcoming debut album. We're keeping our fingers crossed that ‘Hungover in a Deer Stand’ features on the hotly anticipated record, which is expected to arrive this year.

Listen to Dylan Marlowe's unreleased ‘Hungover in a Deer Stand’ song snippet here.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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