Artist - Cody Johnson & Jelly Roll @ CMA Fest 2024 2

Cody Johnson Brings Out Jelly Roll at CMA Fest to Perform ‘Whiskey Bent’

June 8, 2024 7:27 pm GMT

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Cody Johnson surprised the Nissan Stadium crowd at CMA Fest 2024 with a guest appearance from his good buddy, Jelly Roll, to perform their beloved collaboration, ‘Whiskey Bent’.

The introspective, vulnerable track features on CoJo's acclaimed 2023 album, Leather, with ‘Whiskey Bent’ going on to become a fan-favourite despite not being sent to Country Radio.

The warm friendship that Cody Johnson and Jelly Roll share was on display throughout their Nissan Stadium performance, with Jelly concluding the performance with a rousing tribute to his collaborator, roaring out, “Ladies and gentlemen, one of the greatest humans I've ever met. One of the greatest singers to ever do it. One of the greatest all-round entertainers I've ever seen in my life. My hometown, give it up for one of my best friends on earth right now, Cody Johnson”.

The duo's voices coalesced beautifully during their rendition of ‘Whiskey Bent’, with Jelly Roll showing off his signature rasp while Cody Johnson wrapped his honeyed, charismatic vocals around the evocative song, which centers around the theme of alcoholism.

Elsewhere during Cody Johnson's electric Nissan Stadium set, the ‘Human’ crooner delivered galvanising renditions of ‘Til You Can't’, ‘People in the Back’ and ‘Dirt Cheap’. The latter is on track to hit No. 1 at Country Radio in the coming weeks, with Jelly Roll's angsty anthem, ‘Halfway to Hell’, securing top spot earlier in the day.

Jelly Roll and Ashley McBryde have been unveiled as the hosts for the CMA Fest TV Special, which will air on Tuesday, June 25 at 8/7c on ABC, and will stream on Hulu the next day. For more information on how to watch the CMA Fest TV Special, head here.

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Featured photo courtesy of Hunter Berry/CMA

Written by Maxim Mower
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