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Charley Crockett Announces New Album, ‘$10 Cowboy’; Releases Title-Track

January 22, 2024 2:32 pm GMT

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Charley Crockett has unveiled his brand new album, $10 Cowboy, with the traditional-leaning crooner celebrating the announcement by releasing the project's title-track today. The full record is due to be made available on April 26th 2024.

In addition, Charley Crockett has confirmed his first round of 2024 US and Canada tour dates, with shows lined up in Florida, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Montana, Wyoming and more.

The newly shared song, ‘$10 Cowboy’, sets out the mission statement for the eagerly awaited album, with Charley Crockett unleashing his trademark weighty drawl across a hazy, swaggering instrumental as he reflects on his unique journey into the industry.

Speaking ahead of the release, the Texas singer-songwriter explained how organically the project came about, “This material is written at truck stops, it’s written at casinos, it’s written in the alleys behind the venues, it’s written in my truck parked up on South Congress in Austin. A ramblin’ man like me, a genuine transient, is in a pretty damn good position to have something to say about America”.

Charley explained the meaning behind the title-track, which he'll be performing alongside his Blue Drifters band on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight (Monday, January 22nd), “A $10 Cowboy is a country singer who made himself on a street corner in America. But the cowboy way, the cowboy mindset, that applies to anyone who doesn’t feel free, who feels fenced in and bound to something”.

The ‘I'm Just A Clown’ singer-songwriter touched on the various vignettes that colour the project, “Being out on the road gives you a first-hand experience of how different kinds of Americans see themselves as going through some kind of great struggle. The roughneck working the oil and gas fields in West Texas. The single mother raising kids by herself. The young man working a street corner because he thinks it's his only option. I would be dishonest if I said I couldn’t see the thread. Each of them feel invisible. I am struck by the battles they are fighting internally, and the ways they have been entrapped by what America says they are”.

Charley Crockett recorded the new project, which will be his first full-length studio album since 2022's The Man From Waco, at the renowned Arlyn Studios in Austin, Texas, alongside his good buddy and frequent collaborator, Billy Horton.

The duo decided to produce $10 Cowboy live to tape, and Charley highlights the magic they was able to capture through this process, “The reason I cut it on tape is, when you get the right folks in the room, great players rise to the occasion. When that red light is on and the tape is rolling, you get the magic of a performance”.

With 12 new songs for fans to digest, along with a sprawling 2024 tour that crosses Australia, the US and Canada, it's safe to say it's a pretty great time to be a Charley Crockett fan.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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