Bailey Zimmerman in London wearing a white t-shirt

Bailey Zimmerman Offers Playful Response to Critics with Unreleased Song, ‘New To Country’

June 18, 2024 12:14 pm GMT

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Bailey Zimmerman has taken to his socials to tease an unreleased song, ‘New to Country’, which takes aim at critics and pokes fun at accusations thrown at the chart-topping ‘Rock and A Hard Place’ singer-songwriter regarding him not being ‘country’ enough.

The light-hearted track takes on a darker, more fiery ambience compared to the lead single from Bailey's new album, ‘Holy Smokes’, with ’New to Country’ finding the fast-emerging prodigy laying out his country roots across a stormy, dramatic instrumental.

The new video opens with Bailey Zimmerman addressing viewers directly, “Being country is about way more than wearing a cowboy hat on your head or wearing boots on your feet. I grew up country as hell and I still ain't changed, so I wrote a song about it for everybody that makes fun of me and tells me I'm not country because I wear Air Force Ones. Kiss my ass, this song's called ‘New To Country’”.

The raucous, addictive snippet is one of Bailey's most personal tracks to date, with the ‘Fall in Love’ hitmaker exploring his rockier side as he raises a sonic middle-finger to his haters.

For the first verse, he adopts the perspective of all those who keep trying to bring him down, crooning playfully, “He's got tattoos / He's bad news / Yeah that's all anybody's ever said about me / And yeah I like to cut loose / And smoke too / You might think I chose this way of livin’ / Nah, but it chose me / You can hear me comin’ / With a 6.2 hummin’ / Guns N’ Roses bumpin’ through a 12 in the floor”.

He doubles down on the defiant message behind the track, “I don't need me nothin’ but a spot out in the country / I smile when they say that I ain't me anymore / Ain't a thing changed round here but the money / You try to mix it up but let me tell you somethin’”.

The rowdy, infectious new demo concludes with Bailey Zimmerman spelling out exactly why his detractors have no ground to claim he's not truly ‘country’, “Same liquor in my Dixie / Same rowdy bunch with me / I be laid up in the dirt before you ever take it from me / So take the boy out the truck / Take the boy out the mud / Put him up in a PJ he'll still try to get the 40s stuck / So line ‘em up, turn it up and keep it runnin’ / Say whatever you want but I'm anything but ‘new to country”.

We're hoping Bailey Zimmerman decides to drop ‘New To Country’ before too long, with the muscled-up guitars and earworm melody making this a surefire summer heater.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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