Artist - Luke Combs, Post Malone & James McNair

Are Post Malone & Luke Combs Releasing TWO Songs Together?

July 11, 2024 9:30 am GMT

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Wait just a second. Are Post Malone and Luke Combs releasing TWO songs together?!

The pair have already teased the release of 'Ain't Got A Guy', the first taste we had of Post Malone's forthcoming and much anticipated country album back in February this year.

Luke teased us even more last night (July 10) by sharing his verse from the forthcoming sure-fire hit, confirming to us that he is indeed singing about time machines and buddies down at MIT (don't look at us, we haven't a clue yet either).

With Combs posting the snippet to social media while asking "We doin' this or what, @PostMalone?", the 'Pour Me A Drink' singer replied with an even more suggestive question. "Okay, FINE, but you like this more than the other one?!?!"

Let's be honest, with the amount of guests Posty has been baiting us with for F-1 Trillion, we didn't see a second song between the 'Hurricane' megastar and Malone coming whatsoever. Based off of what we've heard of 'Ain't Got A Guy' so far though, we'll certainly have our arms outstretched in welcome for more from the pair.

With its busy wordplay, the song sounds lifted straight out of Combs' duck huntin' and beer chuggin' What You See Is What You Get era, with the spacious production Malone layers across his pop catalogue giving it an extra smooth, neon-lit sheen.

Things are really cranking up now in Post Malone's country period. The F1-Trillion Tour kicks off in the Salt Lake City in September, with much deliberation and discussion over what songs Malone is going to debut and play, let alone who's going to appear as special guests out on the road with him.

The album itself, Malone's debut country record, is set for release August 16th. With so much rumour also still flying around as to who else is going to appear on it - alongside the already confirmed Combs, Morgan Wallen, Blake Shelton and Chris Stapleton - it's safe to say Posty is playing a very strong hand when it comes to building excitement for its release.

We hope to hear some more of what's to come at Malone's special Nashville event on Tuesday (July 16). Headlining a bud-light sponsored show taking place in an as yet confirmed location, Malone did promise "July 16th is going to be a kick ass night and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on with everybody".


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Written by Ross Jones
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