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The Best Lainey Wilson Songs

May 12, 2023 12:50 pm GMT
Last Edited May 24, 2024 5:36 pm GMT

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Over the last few years, Lainey Wilson has skyrocketed into the upper ranks of country music stardom.

The Louisiana native saw her breakthrough year in 2021, thanks to her award-winning single, 'Things A Man Oughta Know'. 2022, meanwhile, saw the release of her critically acclaimed sophomore album, Bell Bottom Country, which we said was an "unfiltered, forget-you-if-you-can’t-hang kind of a good time wrapped up into 14 songs" back in October of 2022.

Now, two years later, she's hearing up to release her highly-anticipated follow-up, Whirlwind, in August... an aptly titled project, to say the least.

However, Wilson's musical journey really begins all the way back in 2016 with her independently-released EP, Tougher, which found its way onto Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.

Throughout her growing, glistening catalog, you can find your fair share of tunes about small-town living, devastating heartbreak, "he ain't shit" rockers, party anthems and everything in between.

While there are some obvious inclusions among her discography, there are still plenty of hidden gems and slept-on tracks that should be added to your playlists pronto.

So, with that in mind, here is Holler's list of the 15 best Lainey Wilson songs.

This Is Hit / Broken Bow Records | 2021


Kicking off our list is none other than this ode to Wilson's home state of Louisiana.

If you know anything about our Bell Bottom Country girl, you know she has immense pride for her home turf. It's something she demonstrates perfectly on this tune, with it's matching swampy guitar and harmonica solos.

Self-Released | 2018

Workin' Overtime

"I think my angels are workin' overtime." While this is a familiar sentiment throughout Wilson's discography, this was the one that kicked it all off.

Featured on her 2018 self-titled EP, we find the songstress admitting to being a hell-raising sinner, but someone upstairs must be lookin' out for her because, by God, she's been saved regardless... even if it's at the expense of her guardian angel's sanity.

This Is Hit / BBR | 2022

Atta Girl

Girl power is alive and well with this one.

On the backend of a breakup, Wilson serves as your personal hype woman while you get over what's-his-name. He might've taken your time and energy, but he sure can't take your happiness. A fresh start is waiting for you, "Go and get it now, atta girl".

Everyone, thank your big sister Lainey!

This Is Hit / Broken Bow Records | 2021

Rolling Stone

Another familiar theme throughout Wilson's music is that of a free-spirited, ramblin' woman who can't be tied down. Talking her partner out of proposing, this tune hangs delicately around its killer hook:“ You don't give a rock to a rolling stone.

No matter how hard he tries to convince her, the highway is calling her name and her home is on the road with a beat-up guitar.

This Is Hit / BBR | 2022


A masterfully written play on words, Wilson's not talking about getting through a weekend of partying and bad decisions, but rather getting over the boy who broke her heart.

On arguably her most gut-wrenching song yet, Wilson depicts the loneliness associated with working through the different parts of a heartache – this one being the one where you're at your weakest and no one can quite fill the void they left.

This Is Hit / BBR | 2022

Smell Like Smoke

A fan-favorite from Bell Bottom Country, this funky little ditty is soaked in '70s vibes, as Wilson explains that with her, what you see is what you get.

While she knows she's heaven-bound, she's also had some hellish escapades along the way. A fun addition to her ever-evolving live show, 'Smell Like Smoke' has quickly become a staple of her set.

This Is Hit / BBR | 2022

Live Off

Talk about a stunning depiction of a simple, southern way of life.

Going through a list of how she lives – off dollars from a pickle jar, letters written in crimson red, a hard days work, Sunday talks with her mom, etc. – Wilson explains that nothing will ever push her to change, or more accurately, make her "turn the way [she] lives off."

This Is Hit / BBR | 2022

Wildflowers and Wild Horses

In easily her most dramatic song to date, and her seventh No. 1 at country radio, the sonic landscape of 'Wildflowers and Wild Horses' seemingly transports you by train to open fields under clear night skies.

The masterfully-produced song returns to Wilson's common theme of not being able to be tethered, backed by some of the finest country guitar picking in her repertoire.

It's freedom in just over four minutes.

This Is Hit / Broken Bow Records | 2021

Dirty Looks

Listen, hard-working country boys are sexy, too, and Wilson can't help but sing about it!

Her most sensual song so far, 'Dirty Looks' references what you would expect – the judging eyes of strangers at a bar – but it's also about how Wilson believes a long day's work on the farm looks good on a man.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, y'all!

BBR Music Group/BMG Nashville | 2024

Hang Tight Honey

If there's one thing we know about Lainey Wilson, it's that she excels at delivering southern rock-tinged tunes that set you on fire.

Though most of her entries on country radio have stuck to the slower ballads and anthems thus far, 'Hang Tight Honey' is a live wire of a performance, as noted at the 2024 ACM Awards in May where she played the song for the first time.

Set to be featured on her 2024 effort, Whirlwind, it's a scrumptious taste of what we can expect on the record as she sings about finally catching a break from the road and heading straight home to her significant other.

This Is Hit / BBR | 2022

Hold My Halo

This is by far the best rendition of Wilson clocking out from her shift as a good girl to step into her role as a part-time hell-raiser.

Another quality cut from Bell Bottom Country, 'Hold My Halo' is begging to be played loudly and repeatedly along all the bars on Broadway and bachelorette parties far and wide.

"Tell that angel inside of me to hide her wings and lay low, hold my halo." What's not to love?

This Is Hit / BBR | 2022

Watermelon Moonshine

Ah, young love, as sweet and innocent as watermelon moonshine.

A special tune from Wilson's stint in season five of the hit TV show Yellowstone, this slow-rolling love song feels like the 2023 version of Deana Carter's 1996 standard 'Strawberry Wine.'

Notching Wilson's third solo single to country radio, Holler was one of the first to say that it would shoot to the top of the charts as a sultry summer hit in no time... We call it like we see it!

This Is Hit / BBR | 2022

Heart Like A Truck

For those newer, more casual fans of Wilson, this is probably the song that roped you in.

Her second solo No. 1 at country radio, the tune draws comparisons between her heart and a well-worn pickup. While lyrically it's a bit muddy, Wilson's vocal performance is to die for.

The song picked up the Female Video of the Year Award at the 2023 CMT Music Awards last spring, as well as a nod for Single of the Year at the 58th Annual ACM Awards.

This Is Hit / Broken Bow | 2021

Two Story House

Written about her sister, Janna, this touching ballad makes note of how two roads that started in the same house could diverge to such extremes, providing two utterly different life stories. While one dreamed of settling down and starting a family, the other chased her neon dreams and the spotlight.

It feels like the most personal song in all of Wilson's discography and it's an effortless tear jerker that should be required listening.

This Is Hit / Broken Bow Records | 2021

Things A Man Oughta Know

Was there really another option for the No. 1 Lainey Wilson song?

We had to pick the one that started it all, serving as a fitting introduction to the Louisiana girl who has stolen our hearts and taken over our radios.

Wilson is an independent queen who doesn't need a man and knows plenty of things that we all know a guy should... Fellas, consider this your how-to guide -start taking notes.

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Written by Lydia Farthing
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