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The Best Lady A Songs

October 23, 2023 8:02 pm GMT
Last Edited October 25, 2023 10:29 am GMT

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Since launching in 2008 with their debut album, Lady A have become one of the most successful country groups of the last two decades.

Their early singles achieved success in country music, with hits such as 'Need You Now' and 'Just A Kiss' clearing the way for their entry into the pop and adult contemporary formats.

Boasting a multi-genre fanbase, the trio’s Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood have since notched 11 No. 1 singles, millions of albums sold and a slew of Grammy, CMA and ACM awards, amongst others.

With a growing hit-stacked catalog, Holler is taking a look back at the best Lady A songs.

2010 | Capitol Records Nashville

Our Kind of Love

Scott and Kelley play lovers completely head over heels for each other in this romantic merry-go-round.

Just like driving on an open highway / Never knowing what we're gonna find / Just like two kids, baby, always trying to live it up / Whoa, yeah, that's our kind of love,” they profess in the jubilantly youthful chorus.

2010 | Capitol Records Nashville

Stars Tonight

Even though 'Stars Tonight' hasn't been on Lady A's set list for a while, it remains one of the group's best celebratory anthems.

“Get on your feet if it feels good / If it feels right / 'Cause we're all stars tonight / So sing it out,” goes the group-harmonized, pulsating and stadium-ready chorus.

2017 | Capitol Records Nashville

You Look Good

Blues, jazz, country, pop and soul intersect to create the jaunty 'You Look Good.'

Serving as the lead single off Lady A’s seventh album, Heart Break, the horn-driven song was penned by Ryan Hurd, Hillary Lindsey and the late award-winning songwriter/producer, busbee.

2013 | Capitol Records Nashville


If you need a TGIF, pre-weekend anthem, look no further than Lady A’s 'Downtown'.

Here, Scott invites listeners into her world of city date nights, as she simultaneously addresses her lover's unwillingness to take her there.

This spirited number shouts “bop” as soon as the groovy instrumental opening emerges.

Album - Lady A, What a Song Can Do

What A Song Can Do

The universal power of music takes centerstage in 'What A Song Can Do'.

Composed by Kelley, Sam Ellis, Ryan Hurd and Laura Veltz, this track chronicles the life-altering power of a good song.

“It can make you dance and make you cry / Make you wanna give it one more try / Start a band and kiss that girl / And break some rules / It'll make you give your heart and get it back / Change your mind just like that / When it's like every single line was written just for you / Ain't it crazy what a song can do?” Scott and Kelley profess in the relatable chorus.

If you’ve been touched by music, you’ll probably nod in agreement to this sentimental song.

2013 | Capitol Records Nashville


Elements of bluegrass, country, pop and folk meld together to create this euphoric song, but it’s not just a bop without substance.

'Compass' encourages listeners to follow their hearts no matter what happens in life.“You wanna give up 'cause it's dark / We're really not that far apart / So let your heart, sweetheart / Be your compass when you're lost / And you should follow it wherever it may go”, Lady A sing invitingly over fiddle lines, banjo plucks and a light pop-tinged sound.

2014 | Capitol Records Nashville


Here, Scott sings about trading her solo post-breakup pity party for a girls' night out.

“Hey bartender / Pour 'em hot tonight / 'Til the party and the music and the truth collide / Bring it 'til his memory fades away / Hey bartender”, she declares over a sprightly production in the singalong chorus.

2019 | Big Machine Label Group

On A Night Like This

Penned by Dave Barnes, 'On A Night Like This' paints a romantic scene primed for two strangers to fall in love.

“On a night like this the moon sits still / And the stars are watching too / The way you move is a lullaby / I could fall in love with you”, goes the mesmerizing piano-led verse, before the arrival of swelling strings in the chorus.

2008 | Capitol Records Nashville

I Run To You

On 'I Run To You', Kelley and Scott reflect on how they “run” to their significant others for refuge in the face of overwhelming adversity.

The singers wrote this No. 1 single – and their first career chart-topper – with fellow group member Haywood, as well as Tom Douglas.

2010 | Capitol Records Nashville

Hello World

'Hello World' offers candid insight into the state of the world and humanity. It’ll have you thinking about life and, at times, faith.

“Every day I drive by / A little white church It's got these little white crosses / Like angels in the yard / Maybe I should stop on in / Say a prayer / Maybe talk to god, like / He is there / Oh I know he is there,” Kelley croons in the ruminative verse.

'The House That Built Me' co-writer Tom Douglas penned this with Tony Lane and David Lee.

2008 | Capitol Records Nashville

Lookin’ For A Good Time

Serving as the second single off Lady A’s debut album, 'Lookin’ For A Good Time' is a fun, upbeat tune about love at first sight.

Here, the personae get smitten by their new love interests and attempt to make a pact to “not make a promise anything more than one night”.

Well, we can all agree that when loves comes knocking, that’s easier said than done.


Just A Kiss

'Just A Kiss' is the follow-up crossover hit to 'Need You Now', and the lead single off Lady A’s 2011 album, Own the Night.

Over mid-tempo, pop-country production, the group sing about a passionate love with “fire burnin’ so bright”.

Scott, Kelley and Haywood wrote the song with Dallas Davidson.

2019 | Big Machine Label Group

What If I Never Get Over You

Listening to this song is like immersing yourself into a sea of post-breakup anguish.

The track, which Ryan Hurd, Sam Ellis, Laura Veltz and Jon Green penned, boasts a soaring melody that both complements and augments Lady A’s aching vocal delivery.

2010 | Capitol Records Nashville

Need You Now

As the biggest song of their career to date, 'Need You Now' has rightfully earned the runner-up spot on this list.

Here, Scott wistfully pines for the company of her ex at “a quarter after 1”.

While he’s long moved on from their relationship, she’s left with “picture-perfect memories scattered all around the floor”, unable to heal from the breakup-inflicted hurt.

2010 | Capitol Records Nashville

American Honey

'American Honey' isn’t just a nostalgic song about the good ol' days. It goes beyond that with relatable lyrics that speak to the core of the human experience.

“Get caught in the race / Of this crazy life / Tryin' to be everything can make you lose your mind / I just wanna go back in time / To American honey” — ain’t that the truth about growing up?


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