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The Best Kane Brown Songs

June 26, 2023 10:44 pm GMT
Last Edited July 3, 2023 4:18 pm GMT

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Before there were country artists getting discovered, and sometimes signed, on TikTok, there was Kane Brown: one of the original viral country artists.

Rewinding back to 2014, Brown began posting his singing videos on social media, covering songs by the likes of Brantley Gilbert, Billy Currington, Alan Jackson, George Strait and more. After a viral version of Lee Brice's 'I Don't Dance' in 2015, his internet career hit new heights as he amassed over one million Facebook followers.

After teasing clips of his own original music, he caught the attention of industry executives at Sony Music Nashville who quickly signed him to a record deal in 2016.

Since then Brown has exploded into one of the biggest names in country music, tallying nine No. 1s, several major award wins and an astounding number of RIAA certifications, thanks to his ongoing list of hits.

Starting with his debut EP, Closer, in 2015 and tracing your way through to his third studio record, 2022's Different Man, Kane Brown has experienced an overwhelming amount of growth as a vocalist, songwriter and entertainer throughout his career, and he has quite a few standout tunes hidden along the way.

Here to guide you through and share some fun facts along the way, this is Holler's list of the 15 best Kane Brown songs.

RCA Nashville | 2017

Setting the Night On Fire (feat. Chris Young)

We kick things off with one of Brown's first collaborations across his discography. Joining forces with Chris Young, who he would team up with again in 2021 for their smash hit, 'Famous Friends,' this was actually their first - and lesser known - duet, which came in 2017.

This time around, the pair provide the perfect background music for your next road trip, bonfire or pool day. Grab a drink and some buddies, and turn it up loud!

RCA Nashville | 2017

Thunder in the Rain

'Thunder in the Rain' was Brown's debut radio single, peaking at No. 30 on the Billboard Hot Country Charts.

While the song's lyrics don't go into any uncharted territory, the infectious Gold-certified tune showed Brown's early affinity for tempo, which has served him well throughout his career thus far.

RCA Nashville | 2018

Lost in the Middle of Nowhere (feat. Becky G)

The second of several duets on our list, this feisty 2019 tune showed the beginning stages of Brown's musical versatility.

Teaming up with Becky G, who's known for her mix of English and Spanish tracks, 'Lost in the Middle of Nowhere' tosses in some Latin spices to Brown's country sound and eventually spawned a full Spanish remix.

RCA Nashville | 2018

Lose It

This fast-paced, Platinum-certified rocker is a notable standout in Brown's repertoire for more reasons than just it being a banger.

'Lose It' was the lead single to his sophomore album, Experiment, and notched the Georgia native his third No. 1 at country radio. Upon its release in 2018, it was the first of his songs to include the sound of a fiddle, which true to the title of the album, showed that Brown was starting to play around with different styles and genres as he was making his ascent to the upper ranks of country music.

RCA Nashville | 2017

Found You

"Sometimes the finish line is just the start of somethin' new / If I'd never lost her / Then I'd never found you."

In this whiskey glass-half-full anthem, Brown takes a look at how different things would be if he'd have never had his heart broke. Without the need for a fresh start post-breakup, he would've never found the love of his life so there's no hard feelings.

While it was never a single, it is one of Holler's guilty pleasures... sue us.

RCA Nashville | 2018

Good As You

On its face, this R&B-infused song is about Brown's lovely wife Katelyn (who we will hear more about in a bit) and how one day he wants to be as good of a person as she is. However, the accompanying music video takes a different perspective, focusing more on the love and appreciation he has for his mother. Either way, it's sweet as can be!

'Good As You' notched the singer-songwriter his fourth No. 1 single and a shiny double Platinum plaque from the RIAA.

Sony Music Nashville | 2016

Used to Love You Sober

After Brown began gaining traction on socials through his covers, he teased 'Used to Love You Sober,' which would become his very first single. Just three hours after posting a clip of the song, it notched over one million views, becoming the first signal of Brown's eventual superstar status.

The alcohol-soaked ballad finds Brown in the midst of a debilitating heartbreak and the bottle(s) seem to be his only solace and means of forgetting just how much he loved her. It's a clichéd country trope, but Brown does is oh so well.

Sony | 2022

Like I Love Country Music

If we've learned anything in recent years, it's that people are truly obsessed with '90s country and beyond. From the interpolation songs and endless references to the golden epoch of country music, it's no secret that if you throw in a couple lines from one of those standards or namedrop one of those beloved stars, you're bound to have a hit.

'Like I Love Country Music' is no exception. Chock full of nods to the kings of the era, such as Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, George Jones, Willie Nelson and more, Brown's single flew to the top of the charts in the summer of 2022, marking his eighth No. 1 and his fastest-rising single to date (it only took 14 weeks, folks).

Sony | 2022

Whiskey Sour

In country music, you can almost never go wrong when a song has whiskey involved.

A whiskey sour is traditionally made with whiskey, lemon juice, sugar and, if you're feeling crazy, egg white. Kane Brown's 'Whiskey Sour' is made up of heartbreak, memories, a banjo and a fiddle, all mixed together and poured strong and tart as he recounts a marriage that fell apart as quickly as it came together.

Sony | 2022

Bury Me In Georgia

Brown was born and raised in a small, mountainous city called Chattanooga, Tennessee. However, if you drive a little less than 10 miles south, you'll be in the red clay state of Georgia.

Because of this, Brown often refers to Georgia as his home state and this song, which takes the place of his 20th single to country radio, is as a heavy, thumping ode to one of the places he calls home.

RCA Nashville | 2018


Similar to 'Good As You,' this double Platinum ballad has a different meaning based on what you're looking at.

If you're going by the lyrics, this song tackles the familiar topic of the weight surrounding stardom. While he's out on the road living his dream, he's missing the love of his life back home. Brown took a different approach in the music video, though, as he performs the song for the California National Guard and videos of military homecomings fade in and out.

Whichever way you look at it, Brown's fifth No. 1 single is one of his most sentimental and heartwarming songs to date.

RCA Nashville | 2017


While everyone says the afterlife is going to be so great, Brown is pretty convinced that he's got heaven on earth with his wife, Katelyn (don't worry, we're not done talking about her). This sweet love song clearly struck a chord with country music fans everyone as its achieved 7x Platinum status, but based on the lyrics, we're pretty sure Brown doesn't care about that... right?

"Lyin' next to you, in this bed with you, I ain't convinced / 'Cause, I don't know how, I don't know how heaven, heaven / Could be better than this."

Sony | 2022

Thank God (feat. Katelyn Brown)

While Brown has had several big name artists join him on songs, this special feature was a little different as it saw his wife, Katelyn, lend her honey-drenched vocals.

Securing his ninth chart-topped, 'Thank God' quickly shot up the country charts, quickly earning a Platinum plaque and making country fans everywhere well up a bit when the couple performed the tune at the 2023 CMT Music Awards.

Sony | 2022

One Mississippi

As we've mentioned before, just about no one in country music does tempo as well as Kane Brown.

Taking the well-known counting mechanism which this song is named after, Brown and his co-writers quickly rip through a toxic relationship of two lovers that just can't seem to figure it out or call it quits.

While the shots go round and round, bad habits keep repeating themselves, and while our characters our left in a whiskey-drowned cycle of love and heartbreak, we'll be on the dance floor with a beer in our hand.

RCA Nashville | 2017

What Ifs (feat. Lauren Alaina)

We know its a small world and all, but it would seem that the world of country music is even smaller.

Brown and his duet partner, Lauren Alaina, actually went to school together at Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School in Georgia as kids. Joining forces several years later, the two country singers hit gold - or more accurately 7x Platinum - with the single that also marked Brown's first official No. 1 hit and our top Kane Brown song.

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Written by Lydia Farthing
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