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Premiere: Sophia Scott - 'Boots, Jeans, and Jesus'

July 6, 2023 9:00 am GMT

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Relatable content alert! We’ve all been there, but what makes it worse is that we keep going back; even when we know we shouldn’t.

Sophia Scott is cowboy crazy and against her better judgement she's about to climb back in the saddle. As soon as those saloon doors swing open and a tattooed, leather clad cowboy walks in she knows she’s in trouble. It’s not even midnight and he’s got her doing shots! If she’s not careful the only place this is going is back to his.

All that’s standing between her and this big hunk of a mistake are the boots she’s wearing, the jeans she’s still got on and the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

“We’ve all been in that place where you’re fighting the temptation to do something you shouldn’t,” Sophia Scott told us about the song. “This is basically about trying to fight the urge to fall for the bad boy who I know is going to bring me nothing but trouble.”

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places, and Sophia Scott initially got the idea for ‘Boots, Jeans and Jesus’ off a bumper sticker she saw. Along with Sam Martinez and Nolan Sipe, she twisted it into a cheekily knowing celebration of all the ups and downs of being a hot country mess.

‘Boots, Jeans and Jesus’ is premiering exclusively at Holler below.

Sophia Scott may originally hail from Boulder, CO, but the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist found a home in Nashville, TN, by continuing a time-honored tradition of storytelling with no shortage of gusto and grit.

Since then she’s bashed out a string of quick-witted, heart-on-her-sleeve pop country singles that unpack her chaotic inner life with the openness of a drunken conversation in a bathroom mirror.

‘Boots, Jeans and Jesus’ is out now on Dragonfly/EMPIRE.

Written by Jof Owen
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