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New Artist of the Week: Sophia Scott

April 20, 2022 1:00 pm GMT
Last Edited June 30, 2022 2:35 pm GMT

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Originally hailing from Boulder, Colorado, Sophia Scott would have always been something of an outsider in Nashville if she hadn’t turned that downside into a righteous up and taken pride in her peculiarities with her distinctive blend of powerhouse R&B, poppy West Coast rock and traditional country.

“I used to suffer a bit from imposter syndrome, thinking that because I didn’t grow up in the South, people wouldn’t take me seriously as a musician. Now, I find strength in my story and I think it’s what makes me unique”.

Ever since she first began making a buzz with covers of Tove Lo’s ‘Habits (Stay High)’ and Rihanna’s ‘Love On The Brain’, she’s been racking up millions of streams with a faultless string of singles over the last five years.From the badass party pop of ‘Quit’ and ‘White Fence’ to the brutal vulnerability of songs like ‘Drinking Games’ and ‘Closure’, she’s fast making a name for herself with her own unique brand of gutsy heart-on-its-sleeve southern pop.

She lent her voice to Iggy Azalea’s ‘Sex on the Beach’ and opened for Jonas Brothers and Kelsea Ballerini, but it was ‘She Ain’t Me’ that really raised the stakes when it was released in 2018; becoming her first single to smash through the 10 millions streams barrier.

Now in 2022 she’s set to release her forthcoming debut EP, which packages together last year’s 'Side Effects' along with ‘Sweetheart’ from earlier this year and her most recent single, ‘One Of These Days’ - a song that adds an emotional grandeur to her sound as she finds echoes of her parents’ marital struggles within the break down of her own adult relationship.

Ahead of the release of her EP in June, Holler spoke to Sophia about her influences and inspirations and her journey into country music.

Where are you from and how has that influenced you?

I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. I feel like the hippy, liberal, ‘green’ life-style definitely had a hand in shaping the type of person I am. I’m definitely a free spirit and a people person. So much of my upbringing was being outdoors, hiking, skiing, fishing, drinking beer by a lake. I feel like Colorado is a different kind of country life style from the south but that home grown, small town feel nonetheless.

What music did you grow up listening to?

A little bit of everything. My dad loved James Taylor and the Stones, my mom loved Mariah Carey, The Chicks and Sheryl Crow. I feel like those sounds really crafted who I became as an artist: a little country, a little soul.

How did you end up in country music?

I think it was always my calling. I grew up listening to so many genres, but when it came to my own music I was always so drawn to the power of country storytelling. As I started writing, that was just the style that naturally came out.

What inspires you?

Love. Creative freedom. The mountains. The ocean. Sitting with deep emotions. Driving. Other people's music!

What’s the most unexpected place music has taken you?

I definitely did not expect to have a song with Iggy Azalea. That was a wild and wonderful surprise that I wouldn’t have necessarily expected to happen as a country artist.

If you could time travel back to any time when would you travel back to?

Ohhh man. Probably the late 70s, early 80s. I would’ve loved to be alive during Studio 54.

Which person from history would you most like to meet?

Jim Morrison

What’s your favourite spot in Nashville?

Inglewood Lounge!

Would you like to go into space?

My answer right now is yes, but if it came down to really being able to go, I have a feeling I might get panicked.

What advice would you give to the younger you?

Trust yourself and don’t sweat the little things. Remember to be grateful for every small accomplishment.

What’s next for you?

I have my very first EP coming this June and I cannot wait for y’all to hear it!!

'One Of These Days' is out now on Dragonfly/EMPIRE.

Written by Jof Owen
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