Country Music Reviews

Country music album reviews from Holler.

Lukas Nelson and POTR - Sticks and Stones Album Cover

Lukas Nelson and POTR - Sticks and Stones

Authentically Americana, Lukas Nelson and POTR are clearly having tremendous fun on this record, pushing the boundaries while carving out their own niche – something we’re certainly here for.

Miles Miller - Solid Gold Album Cover

Miles Miller - Solid Gold

With Solid Gold, the depth of Miller’s musical awareness ensures that the songs take center stage the whole time.

Milly Raccoon - Frankincense & Myrrh Album Cover

Milly Raccoon - Frankincense and Myrrh

Charming, delightful, heartwarming - find your own adjective to apply after hearing Milly Raccoon’s sweetly scented Frankincense and Myrrh.

David Nail - Best of Me EP Cover

David Nail - Best of Me EP

The talent and extraordinary ear for a melody has always been permanent; we’ve just been waiting for that level of consistency to return. This is a step in the right direction.

Lucinda Williams - Stories From A Rock N Roll Heart Album Cover

Lucinda Williams - Stories From a Rock N Roll Heart

Despite Williams’ hard road, this latest addition to her esteemed discography is free from rancor, serving at once as a love letter to a life in music and a testament to her force of will.

Album - The Pink Stones - You Know Who

The Pink Stones - You Know Who

The multi-talented Pinkston turns in a set every bit as enticing, organic and charming as his first.